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Q: I went to watch England v South Africa and New Zealand last year, when i went to Edgbaston the price of a ticket was £60. I've just been on to apply for 2 tickets for the Edgbaston test in the ashes and tickets are £75. Why have ticket prices been raised by 25% in only 12 months? I find this totally unaffordable and considering the current climate how can this be justified

A: Hello - ticket prices are set against the opposition, the series in question etc so an Ashes series against Australia is understandably priced slightly higher than others. With regards to the current economic climate, these prices were set many months ago

Q: Why is there such a discrepancy in Ticket prices for home test matches against the same opposition. Eg at Headingley(day 1) was sat square on to the wicket, a good seat, £38 - very similar seat at Edgbaston (Sat, Day 4) £56

A: All the ticketing prices are set by the individual venues, priced for the local marketplace as well as the travelling cricketing audience. So there are naturally going to be differences between the grounds that you picked out, and for say Riverside and The Brit Oval

Q: Hi, could you please tell me why Kent were replaced in the Champions league by Pakistan's Sialkot Stallions when this team featured two ICL players – Rana Naved and Imran Nazir – when they won Pakistan's domestic Twenty20 tournament last year. Thanks.

A: As we understand it their 'qualification' for the Champions Trophy relates to a period before the 'ICL players' were with the team

Q: when i go to watch england lions vs south africa a whos sighn shoughd i get

A: sorry, didn't understand that question fully; please email us at and we'll answer you as best as we can

Q: Please can you confirm the start time for the 2008 FPT matches. The Wawickshire website indicates a 12.00 start is this correct, and if so - why the change form last year ? Thanks

A: Yes. see Fixtures 2008 (41 KB) for full start times. New start times to Trophy matches to help spectators attend, in response to research/demands around the counties

Q: I was watching the twenty20 and in the interval they talked about the grounds for the twenty20 world cup in 2009. Why have both The Lords and The Oval been picked. I thought this competition was supposed to get people interested in cricket. How is that possible when most of the matches are in London. Can I please have some answers?

A: Hello. Yes, ECB announced recently that it is recommending Lord’s to the International Cricket Council as host for the ICC World Twenty20 2009 final. It will also be recommended that Lord’s be approved by the ICC as hosts for a package that includes warm-up, group and Super 8 matches as well as the final in the ICC World Twenty20 2009.

The ECB’s independent Major Match Group, chaired by Lord Morris of Handsworth, has also identified the Brit Oval as a ‘preferred bidder’ for a semi-final as well as warm-up, group and Super 8 games. The Major Match Group, after a fiercely contested and robust bidding procedure, have decided to put the tender for the third venue in the ICC World Twenty20 2009 out to re-bid.

For further info please see our media release

Q: Hi, Please can you let me know if there shall be any cricket in the park events in 2008?

A: Hi, no plans at present.

Q: Having watched the beach cricket from Australia with a lot of the ex-pros and heroes appearing is there going to be a similar event for the fans in England to go and watch next summer & also how to get tickets for the event?

A: No plans for anything organised centrally; weather and beach conditions are obviously a little more favourable in Australia than the UK for that!

Q: can you please tell me when the tickets go on sale for the one day international against new zealand at bristol on the 21st of june 2008

A: Individual grounds sell their own tickets. You can find initial news for Gloucestershire members here

Q: Where can i obtain Englands fixtures for 2008 to be played in the uk

A: Please see England announce 2008 dates