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Q: Could you explain to me what is associate and affiliate cricket and the differeces to full member icc teams?

A: Different levels of membership of the world cricket community, with differing voting and associated rights, and playing structures between teams and qualification for major competitions - please see International Cricket Council for further info

Q: i know schedules are tight but perhaps spaces could be made for a british twenty 20 tournament perhaps biannually,with the success of the 6 nations rugby i think it is something to look at,it would help the other british nations developement also.

A: It's a good suggestion; but it's as you say, schedules are tight and the perpetual criticism is there is too much cricket played already!

Q: hi me and my dad are going to hopefully watch a test match this summer but i would like to ask a question. i was wanting to buy tickets from lancahire cc website (old trafford is the nearest ground) but when i go to buy the tickets you either buy first day or the fourth day. does this mean if you buy a ticket for the first day, does it admit you into the ground for more than one day? many thanks patrick hickey

A: No, the tickets will be for one day's play only. Tickets for the Friday and Saturday against West Indies are already sold out - full details on the LCCC website. Friday and Saturday are traditionally the most popular days of Test matches starting on a Thursday, so tend to sell out quickest. HOpe you get some tickets and enjoy your day out!

Q: Please could you give me information on future planned test match series involving England, home and away. Thank you. Richard

A: Please see Tours and tourists

Q: what dates are planned for the 2008-2009 ashes?

A: There are no dates planned for the 2009 Ashes as yet. The series here that summer will follow the ICC Twenty20 World Championship in June, running through to September, featuring 5 Tests and 7 ODIs

Q: I was wondering where i can get general information local cricket eg village green cricket, such as number of clubs in UK etc. Any help welcomed

A: There are around 6,500 clubs affiliated to the ECB, with perhaps another 2,000 or more out there that are not, wandering clubs etc

Q: Has the ballot allocation been decided? If not, when will members be informed of allocation or unsuccessful bid. David Baker.

A: Please email ESCC Membership Services on [] for any ballot updates and they will be able to inform you directly

Q: Finally, planning a visit to England and want to include what I can to feed my cricket habit. Will be in UK from Sept. 12 to 26, mostly in the southern part of the country. How do I find the fixtures in the area (what grounds would likely be hosting matches)? Where should I shop for equipment and cricket-related items? How do I plug in to the local scene for matches in the areas we'll be touring to get a flavor of "home" cricket? What are the "not miss" things to see/do (other than a pilgrimage to Lords; that was last trip). Your advise is eagerly sought. Steve R., Oregon, USA.

A: Hello Steve - sounds a good trip! You can find fixtures for September this year here on the site. You're only catching the tail-end of the season, so without knowing exactly what part of the country you'll be in: there's Sussex v Notts in a NatWest Pro40 one-day game on Sunday 16th, that's in Hove on the south coast; then you've got some options the following week with Liverpool Victoria County Championship matches due to start on the Wednesday 19th and run for up to four days in Hove again, The Brit Oval in south London, Canterbury, Chelmsford, Taunton - so a chance to travel around and see a bit in various places. All nice grounds to visit. See MCC for more info on Lord's and tours of the ground. If you want any more detailed help please mail us at and we'll do what we can for you!

Q: I joined last year - having successfully bid for tickets outside the ESCC - as you advertise 'Exclusive member ticket allocation' yet I have had no notification this year of the 2007 ticket allocation. I have been onto the Surey website and find that the games are all sold out. Where is this 'exclusive allocation' that I have paid for, or where is the correspondance from you that tickets are available? I apologise if you have yet to send a ballot around for any allocation, but I have been unable to find such mention on your site. Please help as I dont want to go cricketless again Jerry W

A: Hello Jerry - don't worry, you haven't missed the boat - you will be notified in January on how to access the ESCC allocation. What Surrey have posted on their website would be in relation to public sales.

Q: How do I get to watch the Ashes here in the USA? To who have you sold the rights? Also, if you are not allowing the BBC to braodcast their radio coverage outside of the UK, who has the right to radio coverage of the Ashes in the USA? Thanks

A: The rights for the current Ashes series are not ours to sell - all controlled by Cricket Australia