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Q: What are the dates and times off all matches coming up in the ashes?

A: Please see our Ashes 2006/07 - Fixtures and Ashes 2006-07 - Stats

Q: Hi, I am a member of the social club committee at our work place, and we are trying to organise a day at the cricket for our members, and I was wondering how I go about booking and finding out the price of tickets for a one day international at either Lords or The Oval? There would be about fifty of us, so we would also need details of coach parking facilities. Regards Karl Henton (Tesco)

A: Please see Tickets: Lord's and Tickets: The Kia Oval for contact details for the two grounds.

Q: My wife and I like to watch cricket on TV, in particular the test matches and the oneday matches. Untill a couple of years ago these could be watched on BBC1 or BBC2 but this is not the case anymore. Which televisionstation do we have to turn to to see our favourate cricketmatches again? I am quite prepared to acquire satellite reception by I believe Astra2? Grateful for your advices. With best regards - Jan Maas e-mail:

A: If you can pick up UK television in Holland, highlights are now found on Channel Five. Not been on BBC for some time. But BBC will have highlights of the Ashes this winter.

Q: Hi I am hoping someone may be able to help me. I am looking into the possiblity of purchasing some gift tokens for my husband and daughter to attend and watch a match at one of the larger grounds. Could anyone let me know how I can go about this and if so what prices am I looking at? I would ideally like to do this for a christmas gift for them both. Many Thanks Dee Jeffery

A: Not sure that any of the grounds produce gift tokens as such. Probably best to contact the ground you are interested in direct - you can find all the necessary contact details in our Tickets section

Q: how many england players have scored 1000 runs and took 100 wickets in other words a allrouinder. i think there is nine but would like to be sure .many thanks .dave.

A: Bailey, Botham, Emburey, Flintoff, Giles, Greig, Illingworth, Rhodes, Tate, Titmus - 10 we make it.

Q: I know that the ECB offer supporters the chance of test match tickets by ballot through the supporters' cricket club, but do you offer a similar scheme for businesses too?

A: Hello - there is no corporate membership of England Supporters' Cricket Club, or anything similar like that for businesses, no. You can take out individual memberships, but tickets through the ballot are obviously limited so may not give you as many as you are after.


A: That's something you'll need to check with Cricket Australia to see who holds the rights for that territory.

Q: How many players have fathers who also played professional Cricket the only Father and Son that played I can think of off hand are Mickey and Alec Stewart and Mickey later went on to an administrator but surely there must be more.

A: Must be lots and lots. For example, ECB's current Director of England Cricket, John Carr, played for Middlesex. His father Donald Carr captained Derbyshire CCC and England..

Q: I will be in the UK at the time of the Lord's test v India 2007. Please advise ticket prices, availability and preferred method of payment. Thank you Eric

A: Hello Eric - for major matches at Lord's you need to contact MCC, as host venues sell their own tickets direct, not through ECB. You can find their contact details at Tickets: Lord's

Q: My cricket club is looking for a way to get tickets for test matches, international one-dayers and domestic cup finals. Is there anyway a cricket club can register with the ECB for this form of facility? If a club cannot get an all embracing facility with the ECB, do you know of any alternative method available through the counties?

A: There's no central way of registering for the process, as all the venues sell their tickets separately. You can join the England Supporters' Cricket Club - which would give you access to ticket ballots; but this wouldn't provide for multi-purchasing for many members from your club.