Question and Answer : Watching cricket


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Q: Hi. My club wants to know if the ECB have a scheme whereby they can register to apply for tickets to all test matches at home, international one-day matches, international 20-20 matches and the main domestic finals. David Taylor

A: No, there's no such scheme David.

Q: on november the 12th 2006 in sydney england are playing new south wales and im sydney then are there going to be tickets on sale for this practice match as ive been keeping a look out on this website and the austrailian one but to no avail,please can you help me?

A: For any non-international tour matches during the winter you'd need to get in touch with the host venue/ground/state, as they would be selling tickets.

Q: Went to seek England Pakistan one-day match yesterday - great fun (shame about the result). The first match I have been to at lords where I could see the ball. Guess what - the white ball is the answer. Sorry if this is a repeat question, but what plans are there to roll out (ho ho) the white ball to all matches, local, county, international, test? It would be great for spectators. My brother said he went to a county game at the oval on Friday and it was like spot the ball. Dare I say there is a disability issue here too for players and spectators alike.

A: There are no plans at present to use the white ball beyond its current use in one-day/floodlit matches.

Q: Where is the World Cup in 2011 to be held?

A: In the Asian countries that spring.

Q: How do I get a refund for Sunday at the Oval?

A: Ticket holders who attended the fourth day of the Test on Sunday August 20 will be entitled to a 40 per cent refund on the face value of the tickets held. Purchasers should follow the instructions as outlined on the reverse of their tickets to claim this refund.

Customers who have purchased tickets for Monday August 21 are advised that a full refund of the face value of tickets purchased will be automatically processed. Customers are advised that tickets do not need to be returned. For further information customers should call 08712 461 100 (calls charged at 10p per minute) or visit

Q: I see that the ICC regulations now decree that no alcohol can be brought into a match venue. Why is that? especially when it is sold within the ground. If you can't bring in your own, then it shouldn't be sold within the ground either, at inflated cost. Strikes me as another case of rip off Britain!

A: Not sure how you work it out as 'rip-off Britain', whatever that tablouid cliche means; as you say, it's an ICC regulation!

Q: Cricket is about the battle between bat and ball. Many 1 day games see bowling reduced to run reducing activity rather than active wicket taking - reducing their effectiveness as spectacles. Would there not be a case for a 1 day format whereby the fielding side are rewarded with a run reduction for the batting side for each wicket they get? Worth a try I would surmise.

A: It's an interesting suggestion, but not something that's being considered at senior level.

Q: Could you please advise on your plans to provide access to watching cricket on terrestial TV? I appreciate the commercial realities of having deals with Sky, however, aside from 45 minutes for each day of the test, there is NO cricket on 'normal' TV. I have two boys who are enjoying playing cricket at their local club - through an ECB sponsored initiative - which is great. They love the game. Last year they would watch the Ashes matches, be able to name the team and pretend to be 'Freddie' in the park. Now they don't even know who England are playing!! If some of the Twenty/Twenty matches or the Pro 40 games were televised - or even a higlights programme, then at least it would provide access to see something on TV. I think that you are losing the interest of huge number of young people who will find other interests and so will be very difficult to win back.

A: Thanks for your question. There are no plans to change the picture existing under the broadcast deals we have in place with Sky and Five. It's the funds from those deals that enable us to put on the kind of development initiatives that your sons enjoyed at their local club. These are arguments we've aired often in the Q&As section and across the site, but happy to detail them again: TV revenue makes up 80 per cent of the income of the ECB and therefore development projects and England team initiatives would have been put at risk if ECB had accepted a lower offer. The increase in participation is already registered at a 48 per cent increase and the coaching up by 30 per cent. Without Sky investment in cricket the whole structure that has brought international success would have been at risk – central contracts, coaching support, national academy downwards.

Q: Can you tell me how to apply for tickets in the non payed up members ballot please Nick

A: We have passed your request on to the ESCC Membership Sservices team for them to give you the latest details.

Q: Whilst at a recent test game i noticed viewers had brought their own food and drink to the game, i was wondering if there was any rules or limits to how much you could bring including alcohol?

A: There's no limit on food being brought in; what you can sensibly carry and store around/under your seat so as to not cause discomfort to those seated around you would be a sensible way to look at it. In accordance with ICC regulations no alcohol may be bought into match venues.