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Q: In a recent answer to a question about the rain affected Roses match you said: "Rain affects matches - not much that can be done about it." Unless you're Worcester or Kent, apparently, judging by your nonsensical decision. How can you justify allowing one game to be replayed when so many clubs have lost so much time and so many points due to the weather? Are you going to extend this to all the other clubs? - I'm sure my club, Yorkshire, and the other clubs at the top who are scrapping for every point would welcome the chance to have another chance to play the many hours that have been missed.

A: The exception circumstances surrounding the Worcester decision have been outlined in our media statement - please see ECB statement: Worcs v Kent

Q: How do Scottish players such as Dougie Brown, John Blain etc first get the opportunity to play County Cricket. Is it normal for players to approach the clubs for a trial or do the clubs approach selected players?

A: Can't comment on individual cases; but a bit of both; plus Scottish players playing in England at club and youth level and progressing through the ranks in a variety of ways. Good players from Scotland, Ireland and across Europe are potential signing targets for counties

Q: How (and who) decides which teams are played against twice in the round robin stage of the 20/20 competition, as teams only play 8 games when there are 6 reams in each division ? Also on the 20/20 - I know which teams are guaranteed home advantage in the Q.Finals, how is the draw completed, is it a draw, or is the away opposition pre-selected ?

A: Fixtures are composed by ECB in conjunction with the counties. The draw for the quarter-finals will take place on Friday after the final group matches.

Q: The twenty 20 quarter finals are scheduled for 17 / 18 July when will the home teams be declared so that tickets can be applied for? I am assuming the home ground will sell the tickets.

A: Draw will be made on Friday after final round of matches.

Q: Please advise me what a COLPAC player is. Thanks

A: Please see Kolpak Ruling

Q: can you tell me how many tickets have been put a side for each county that reaches the 20/20 semi final at edgbaston,thanks.

A: It's 1500 tickets for each semi-finalist

Q: Where is the2008 Twenty 20 Cup finals day being held and when is it? James Dowling, Southampton

A: Not been confirmed yet

Q: Why does the STATS section of County Cricket not include Rana Naved ul Hasa in the Sussex batting and bowling averages for 2007. He has taken 25 wkts so far this season but is not included. Is this an error on the website? Dave Smith

A: Thanks for highlighting this - looks like an issue from our supplier; we will investigate and resolve

Q: to whom it may concern,i arrived in england on 1st january 2007,and while being over here i decided to start playing cricket,but in this period i have been told that i am not aloud to play as im classified as an overseas player,im not here trying to play professional al i want is to play cricket for a club,the team i would like to play for is in the surrey championships they are a saturday 2nd team in third devision,why am i not able to play???

A: Please see Directives - Work Permit Criteria for full details. The Surrey Championship will be aware of these directives and be able to explain how they apply to you

Q: Who was the winner of indian cricketing tv show, cricket star, and a new indian player for leicestershire? Thanks, Harshdeep Singh

A: It was a fast bowler called Sukhvir Singh - see Reality hits Grace Road for more information