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Q: How do cricket players progess from school level to, say, county level? Cheers

A: There is a natural flow of progression through county agre-group sides, the best players rising to play at the highest possible level of club cricket, usually the local ECB Premier League; and from there into second XI and county senior set-ups. Also the MCC Universities have a role to play in channelling talent to the top

Q: Can you tell me how many Kolpak players there are playing in county cricket this season?

A: Please see Kolpak Ruling for details of what Kolpak players are and those playing in county cricket in 2007

Q: hi there im wondering how to get trials for lancashire im 13 an alrounder and my name is jack . im a very good spin bouler and can spin the ball both ways im also a middle ranking batsman thanks for your time jack

A: Speak to the coaches at your club/school and see how they think you might be able to progress beyond the level you are currently playing at, and who they can put you in touch with

Q: Can you please tell me when the umpires list and appointments will show on the website for the 2007 season. Thanks

A: You can find them here - Umpires list - 2007

Q: Who were the 1997 Country Champions

A: Glamorgan

Q: Hello, Could you tell me if county cricket matches can be viewed in Australia. If so via which satellite service. Thanks

A: Don't think so. Only England home matches rights are sold overseas. Some counties, such as Surrey and Sussex, have broadband channels on their websites, so you may wish to check those out

Q: Which English County team did Michael Hussey last play for?

A: Durham

Q: How many people are employed at Hampshire cricket?

A: No idea - we don't keep those kinds of records; you'd need to contact them at The Rose Bowl direct please.

Q: is there any cricket team in manchester or didsbury where i can join team and play cricket. Plz help me , i really really want to play cricket

A: Lots of teams in that area - please see our Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange to help you search

Q: Hi, I am currently playing cricket in Australia in New South Wales. In my heart though my loyalties lie with England, and after watching Australia win back the ashes i was devestated. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how i would go about getting a run in a team in England. I am 16 years old at the moment, and i would really like to play in England. My email address is Regards, Brady Fisher

A: Hi Brady

If your're able to come and live/work here then there would be lots of opportunities to find a club to suit your ability and progress from there. You could have a look at our Play-Cricket - Cricket Exchange for starters.