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Q: Can anyone tell me when England tour the West Indies again please. Wanting to fly out to watch the test match but unsure what year it falls into?

A: There's no fixed date at present. The current ICC Future Tours Programme doesn't go past next spring's tour to Sri Lanka as it stands...a new extended FTP is expected to be announced in the near future, which will map out England tours for the next few winters

Q: Hi I'm in Barbados in February and noticed the Performance Team are touring, do you have any dates yet? as I'd love to see a game if possible. Thanks...TonyH

A: Hi Tony. Don't blame you - no fixture detail yet, just what's on the site here at present

Q: Hi Do you have thebfixture for the Lions tour to West Indies

A: England Lions party announced has the info confirmed to date; full itinerary soon

Q: Congratulations to all concerned on the Adelaide win! With regard to your response to my query on Sunday re meeting the team, I do understand that the team's main aim is to win matches and retain the Ashes (ummm... that's what the fans want, too - right?). However, once the match is over - especially when it finishes early, as it did today - is it really too much to ask that they spare a little time for the fans? Or perhaps you needed to be in the Barmy Army and in the know to be in the right place at the right time, but ordinary Oz-based fans certainly seemed to miss out. Remember, without the fans the game might still be enjoyable, but a lot less lucrative! We pay gate fees, provide a market for your sponsors, and buy your merchandise. In fact, I bough a shirt for signing in 2006 and a bat for signing this year - all money in the team's coffers, but no result (except a depleted bank balance) for me. And what does a fan ask in return? That you win (but we still support you when you don't) or at least try your best to do so; and that you have the courtesy to recognise that we've paid good money, queued to buy tickets and get into the ground, taken time off work (without pay for Uni students and others with casual jobs), sat on the ground or in seats in heat, sun and rain, eaten ordinary food costing extraordinary prices, cheered when you were doing well, encouraged you when you were down, and would just like a little face-to-face interaction and a few autographs before you head off to distant places. Having missed out on that yet again this year, I'd like to know when you are due to fly out of Adelaide, and will there be a chance to see the team at the Airport? Or will they head straight for the VIP lounge and leave us standing forlornly with our unused shirts, bats and other expensive merchandise?!

A: Hello again Alistair. Very disappointed to hear that's how you feel the morning after such a great victory in Adelaide. The team would love to thank every fan for their immense support Down Under - read coments from the players on their Twitter feeds this morning for example - but to do that to every one in person is simply unrealistic. Think we've had an email query from you too on this, so we'll respond more direct. Best wishes, ECB

Q: Hi Do you know where England lions will be touring in 2011 Thanks

A: Hi. Not been confirmed and announced as yet; hopefully soon, and full details will be on the site then

Q: hi im in sydney when england play there odi on the 23rd of january just want to no how i can get tickets ?

A: Please see England in Australia 2010-11 - Ticket Information for contacts

Q: Hi, im in austarlia in january and want to get tickets for one of the odi in sydney on the 23rd does anyone know how i can get tickets ?

A: Please see England in Australia 2010-11 - Ticket Information for contacts

Q: Hello, i am interested in going to oz in december 2010 to watch the ashes in adelaide. I am struggling to find tickets (lots of packages but not tickets), however i have found tickets available on Ticketmaster uk but they are asking for a twelth man member number. I have registered with you but have no number. Any help please ?

A: You need to contact - 0870 444 3722 - and the TwelfthMan can help you further

Q: Are the dates of the matches for the March 2012 tour of Sri Lanka available yet?

A: No, not yet; that tour is unlikely to be confirmed until the second half of 2011

Q: Hi I bought tickets for the last ashes series through the england supporters club. Your web site directs me to the australian cricket site for tickets to the 2009/10 series. Is this going to be the only way england supporters club members will be able to get tickets? Do we not get an allocation for the supporters club members this time.

A: We have passed your question to the TwelfthMan team internally for them to get back to you direct