Question and Answer : Overseas Tours


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Q: Hi, have the hours of play for the Ashes this year been published?

A: Not that we have been advised of yet, no.

Q: Can anyone confirm that England are playing Pakistan in Dubai on the 19th and 20th February in two T20 matches? Also from where can I obtain tickets. A web link would be very helpful.

A: That is not a confirmed fixture

Q: I am going to Bangladesh in March. How do I obtain tickets for the test match in Dhaka?

A: Sorry, we have no ticket information from Bangladesh as yet

Q: Can you please tell me when tickets for the upcoming South Africa tour will be on sale.

A: We last heard from Cricket South Africa this week, and the current status is that tickets will be on sale around mid-October. We'll put full details on the site in the South Africa ticketing information section when we get them

Q: hi i'm an english cricket fan living in srilanka. when will england be touring srilanka again? cant wait to meet the team! thanks.

A: There's nothing scheduled under the ICC Future Tours Programme as it runs at present, through to and including 2011; but sure to be soon after that when the extended Programme is announced

Q: I see from the South African website that the Joburg test match 14-18 Jan 10 has been moved to Port Elizabeth, can you confirm this is correct.

A: Please see our media statement just gone out today - ECB seeks Jo'burg confirmation

Q: Can you provide some indication of when we may get fixture dates released for the 2010-11 Ashes Tour. I realise this is a long way away but flights do tend to get booked up well in advance these days and i'm sure a lot of people will be thinking about making arrangements before long.Many thanks.

A: Honest answer is it really far too far away to give any indication at this stage

Q: Where do I enquire about buying tickets for the test matches to be held in Durban & Cape Town, South Africa this year?

A: We're still awaiting ticketing details from Cricket South Africa. We'll publish full info when we get it in this section - England in South Africa 2009-10

Q: Hello, can you please tell me when the ashes tickets 2010/2011 are due to be released and what the best way to buy them is. thank you Kerrie

A: Hello Kerrie - we have no confirmed info on that tour as yet. As a guess, it'd be during 2010; and for the last tour the tickets were available directly through Cricket Australia/the staging venues

Q: We're planning a holiday in South Africa around the England tour and need the match dates as soon as possible. will these be confirmed soon?

A: These have now been confirmed - please see South Africa tour itinerary revealed