Question and Answer : Overseas Tours


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Q: How can we get in to see the Jamaica test when we are on holiday there please?

A: Please see the Ticketing info for West Indies page in the tour section. Ticketing is done by WICB for the tour, and you can find info and links there

Q: Can you tell me how I can purchase tickets for the test match in antigua in feb 2009 please.

A: Please see the info added now at Ticketing info for West Indies

Q: Can you tell me when the tickets are on sale for the Barbados Test in February thanks

A: Please see the tour itinerary page for a link to info on WICB site

Q: when i go to england lions vs south africa a whos aotograph should i get?

A: Any player you like - they're all good!

Q: Cant anyone from ECB tell the ICC to shift the champions trophy to sri lanka or south africa. Nearly half the teams participating could boycott and it will be very bad for everyone. It is a prestigious tournament and it should be held properly.In Pakistan Cricket boards may send weaker teams and the real joy will be finished.Cant anyone do anything?

A: As you state, this is a matter being decided by and for ICC, not ECB

Q: What’s the normal availability for tickets for England test matches in India? I'm planned and booked to be out there this December and interested to no what previously has been the demand?

A: Really difficult for us to quantify as we don't handle the ticketing. We're awaiting ticketing info from BCCI and as soon as we get this we'll post up on the site

Q: It appears the India Cricket Board are not interested in attracting England supporters to the 2008 test matches. One is in Ahmadabad which is a dry state with alcohol available only in hotel rooms and the 2nd, in Mumbai, ends on 23rd December. Can't the ECB do something to influence this schedule and make it more attractive to England supporters?

A: Please see our media release BCCI give England India itinerary

Q: Will Pakistan play any matches with England in future, i mean in 2008 or 2009 and are there any chances of Alastair Cook becoming the captain of England? I am a great fan of Cook.

A: England are not due to play Pakistan now until they tour there in spring 2010. We hope Alastair will still be an integral part of the side and scoring lots of runs come then, and long after. Time will tell if he'll ever captain the side!

Q: what is the schedule for the India tour I need to make plans now

A: this has not been confirmed with the BCCI yet; full details will be published on the site when all has been finalised

Q: when will dates for west indies tour 2009 be announced

A: expect those very soon now - full details on when they are