Question and Answer : Overseas Tours


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Q: when will dates for west indies tour 2009 be announced

A: expect those very soon now - full details on when they are

Q: Hi, i know it's only just finished but will there be a dvd produced for the New Zealand tour??

A: Hi - no plans on this front. Footage rights would rest with the host board on any overseas tour in any case

Q: I see England is due to tour West Indies in Jan 09, I live in the USA and plan on going to the Carribean for this tour. I know that there is no way of knowing the exact dates or venues at this time but could you recomend a good starting point or Island, reason I ask is if I get airfare now it'll be alot cheaper. thanks, CG

A: Sorry. At this stage we have no confirmed itinerary info at all. So to suggest anything could leave you booking flights to the wrong end of the Caribbean.

Q: Will it be possible to view games from the forthcoming U19 World Cup on TV in the UK?

A: Please see the official ICC site for the tournament for more info

Q: When will the itinerary for the 2008 tour to India be available and where will we be able to purchase tickets from?

A: We'll publish it as soon as confirmed with the BCCI - but we can't say at this stage when. Ticket purchasing will be through them / host venues. We'll provide the fullest possible info we can

Q: It is only 12 months before the West Indies tour. Will there be a test in Antigua and if so, any idea of tentative dates please?

A: Hello - sorry, we have no confirmed information from West Indies Cricket Board that we can publish at this stage.

Q: When will there be announcements of dates for West Indies 2009?

A: As soon as they are confirmed with the host Board. We cannot say when this will be at this stage

Q: I am very keen to attend the early Ashes tour game at Arundel in 2009. How do I go about getting a ticket. Also, when will the date of that match be known?

A: Tour fixtures outside of the internationals in summer 2009 will not be confirmed probably until the full 2009 domestic fixtures are announced, in late 2008. Ticketing would be via the host venues.

Q: Some friends and I would like to go to South Africa when England tour there (in Novemeber 2009, I think). When will the itinery be published so that we can start making travel arrangements? Also how will we be able to buy match tickets Thank you Allan Breese

A: Can't say for certain as we publish it as soon as confirmed with host Board; but would imagine well into 2009. Tickets would be purchased direct with SA authorities / venues - which you should be able to do online

Q: SA Tour Nov 09 to Jan 10. I am looking at being at the Cape Town Test match but unsure as to whether it will be Boxing Day or Jan 2/10.I am assuming the ODI's will be held at the first part of the tour. Can you advise.

A: Hello - sorry, we have no confirmed tour dates this far out through from the SA board as yet