3.1_EDI Mission statement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The ECB is committed to ensuring cricket is a game for everyone. Find out more about what we’re doing to break down barriers and ensure cricket is a truly inclusive and diverse sport.

A game for everyone

We want cricket to be a game for everyone. We want to be a truly inclusive and diverse sport where everyone feels welcome and there is opportunity for all. And we know there is still much work to do before all communities and individuals think ‘cricket is a game for me’.
Our Women's and Girls’ Action Plan aims to make cricket a gender-balanced sport. Our South Asian Action Plan is designed to better engage South Asian audiences, including developing facilities in urban areas to give more people from all communities a chance to play. We are working with partners to create more opportunities for participants from diverse communities to play the game, including support for the ACE programme for young Black cricketers. We have reformed our coach training programmes to attract more diverse participants. We are ensuring more diversity in governance and officiating.
In 2021, we launch an Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket to advise the ECB Board in assessing the evidence of inequalities and discrimination within cricket, and the actions needed to tackle these issues. The Commission is chaired by Cindy Butts, who has extensive experience in senior roles spanning governance, inclusion and equity across the justice/policing sectors and Government.
We have also launched a new Anti-Discrimination Code ahead of the 2021 season to be enforced by all cricket organisations operating under the ECB’s jurisdiction, enabling discriminatory behaviour to be sanctioned through disciplinary processes. And we have collaborated with the Professional Cricketers' Association (PCA) on the launch of an anti-racism programme following an extensive consultation with professional players. 

There is still more to do. Every organisation within the cricket network and every individual involved in the game has a role to play in supporting real change on and off the pitch so that our game reflects the populations of England and Wales. We are committed to constantly listening, learning and acting to ensure cricket really is a game for everyone.