Discipline in the Professional Game

The Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) is the body that hears disciplinary cases in the professional domestic game in England and Wales.

When charges are brought against individual(s) and/or teams, cases progress through the summary procedure or the Disciplinary Hearing procedure outlined in the CDC Regulations.

More information on the CDC and Disciplinary Hearing process can be found here.

Outcomes of recent cases are found below:

CDC Disciplinary hearing Lancashire CCC and Dane Vilas

CDC Disciplinary hearing Leicestershire CCC, Colin Ackermann and Ben Mike

CDC Disciplinary hearing Agent B

CDC Disciplinary hearing Ollie Robinson

CDC Disciplinary hearing Sussex CCC

CDC Disciplinary hearing Dan Christian & Notts CCC

CDC Disciplinary hearing Mitchell Claydon & Sussex CCC

The majority of on-field disciplinary issues are dealt with under the Fixed Penalty system through ECB Directive 3.6. Individual players who accumulate a number of Fixed Penalties within a set timeframe receive an automatic suspension. Teams whose players accumulate a number of Fixed Penalties within a set timeframe may face disciplinary action.

The ECB Directives can be found here

Information about Fixed Penalty breaches can be found here: