Healthcare Professionals

The ECB concussion and head injury guidelines (PDF) are based on the Zurich Consensus Statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in November 2013, a number of recent multisport forums, consensus panels and direct consultation with world leaders and research centres in the field of concussion.

The ECB medical panel has looked at best practice across sports and consulted documents such as FIFA Concussion Guidelines 2014, BHRA and World Rugby/RFU 2014 guidelines.

A consultation process was undertaken on 13 May 2015 with the ECB Medical panel, FCCC CMOs and Neurosurgical and Neurosciences concussion research team from NIHR Birmingham.

The issues specific to cricket were debated, resulting in the ECB concussion guidelines.

The guidelines do not replace or supersede evaluation by a doctor or other appropriately trained medical/healthcare professionals.