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Engage children and young people

Five million children have been introduced to cricket since the launch of Chance to Shine in 2005.

We want to build on that success by doubling cricket participation in primary schools through our ongoing relationship with Chance to Shine and working with County Cricket Boards.

We aim to deliver a compelling and co-ordinated recreational playing offer from age five upwards.

As more children engage with the game, appropriate support will be provided to keep children and young people safe in cricketing environments.

What Cricket Means to Me

Tyrone West - PE, Health and Development Leader at Denbigh Primary School, Luton
“The reason why cricket is great for primary schools is its values: team work, respecting people, cooperation, communicating with each other and confidence. These are all things that a teacher wants to have in their classroom.

“Cricket is a game for everyone. We’re in one of the most deprived boroughs of the country but sport is the thing that unites. Our school is predominantly Bangladeshi and Pakistani and cricket has an unparalleled popularity – more parents come to watch cricket than any other sport. It is a powerful tool to engage with the community.

“Most importantly it helps the children achieve academically. Working with Chance to Shine, we bring cricket into the classroom and use it across many subjects in the curriculum. I know it’s enhanced the literacy skills of our children. I believe that both of these things are connected: I find that when kids are successful on the pitch, they improve off it.”