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Transform women’s and girls’ cricket

Transform women’s and girls’ cricket

Women’s and girls’ cricket is the biggest growth opportunity for the game. Our aim is to make cricket a game that is truly gender-neutral with women and girls being properly represented across the whole game.

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Women's cricket pathway

From All Star to England star - there are many ways to be part of one of the fastest-growing women's and girls' sports! Visit www.ecb.co.uk/womensbigcricketmonth to discover more.


The Transforming Women’s and Girls’ Cricket plan, which was launched in late 2019, tackles the following five key areas with an aim to invest at least £20m by the end of 2021 and £50m across during this strategic period of 2020-24. Considerable progress is already being made:

Participation: Since launch 933 cricket clubs have a women’s or girls’ section, up from 78 in 2019.

Pathway: There has been unprecedented investment into girls’ county age groups and a Talent Development framework launched.

Performance: Eight new Regional Directors of Women’s Cricket were appointed in 2020 in addition to the award of full-time domestic contracts to 40 players.

Profile: In September 2020, the third Vitality International T20 between England Women and West Indies Women received a record peak TV audience of 1 million across BBC and Sky Sports.

People: In late 2019 Lisa Keightley became the first full-time female head for England Women; more than 600 South Asian women have been trained as activators for the All Stars programme as part of the Dream Big campaign.

Transforming Women's & Girls' Cricket - Year 1 in Numbers

Transforming Women's & Girls' Cricket - Year 1 in Numbers