Official Performance Insight Partner to England Women's Cricket

Optimising player performance with data.

360-degree player insights and better data empower England’s inspirational women’s team to drive performance improvement and efficiency. 
Proud to be the first Official Performance Insight Partner to ECB Women’s Cricket, Ascent delivers cutting-edge insight to ECB management and players that enables real-time performance tuning decisions in both long-term coaching and match series scenarios. Championed by Jonathan Finch, Director of England Women’s Cricket, and designed by the Performance Team, this initiative is a first for the women’s game and is set to help transform performance and efficiency for the critical 2022 series calendar and beyond. 

Visualising player and performance data.

Working together since early 2021, we took an ECB ‘expert-first’ approach to find out what the players, medics and sports scientists that lead the women’s game need to know, see or do better.
We identified and enhanced a set of data sources (including a centralised match footage hub) that would give the England Women’s Performance support team a 360-view of the medical, coaching, physiological, wellbeing and mental health-related factors that contribute to winning performances. Designing and building the big picture with impactful data is critical as it helps the team make more informed decisions on supporting players, understand the impact of health and wellness on performance, and optimise and consolidate training schedules. We deliver this insight directly into the hands of both players and the England Women’s Performance support team in real-time through online dashboards and a future mobile app.

Supporting the future of the women’s game.

Transforming women's and girls' cricket is one of six priorities outlined in the ECB's 'Inspiring Generations' strategy for 2020-2024, and together we plan to extend this insight program to the regional Pathway teams. Ascent is proud to play a part in helping the most talented players across the regions and culturally develop their relationship with data as a channel to maximise their potential. 
Jonathan Finch, Director of England Women's Cricket said: “The women’s game is experiencing tremendous growth and ensuring that everyone in our pathway has a positive experience should underpin everything we do. The partnership enables us to understand more about the players and individualise the support we provide. Most importantly, from my perspective, is that we utilise the data to help players feel part of something special, giving them the environment to thrive as individuals and engage in their own development journey.”
Anna Warren, Head of England Women’s Cricket Science & Medicine, added: “This project will enable us to use data in new and innovative ways, improving our holistic support of our players. Not only will this help us make better decisions, but it should give us better insight into the women’s game to support future generations of female cricketers.  At a personal level I am looking forward to our staff and players having an interactive platform which enhances their work and maximises positive impact on the player journeys”.
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