Asset transfer guidance for cricket clubs

Clubs will always aspire to be better and part of that is having control of their future and managing their own facilities. Changes of circumstances may result in your club undergoing an asset transfer process. Use our guide to help you in that process.


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This toolkit is intended to provide guidance to cricket clubs, which are considering embarking on an asset transfer of their facilities. Recently a number of public bodies, particularly local authorities, have embarked on a process of transferring management and/or ownership of land or buildings to local community groups.

The ever changing financial and political environment will mean that any club that does not currently have any long term security of tenure for its site may suddenly be faced with a change of circumstances. This could range from the purchase of the freehold, to the arrangement of a long term lease for the whole site or simply a change in the current maintenance arrangements on the site, for example, the club to maintain the cricket square instead of the local authority.

The aim of this document is to provide a framework for cricket clubs which are going through, or might have to go through, this process. It will identify sources of specialist help which could provide support to a club in deciding if asset transfer is a long-term sustainable option for them.

It is not an exhaustive list of all the issues that a club will need to consider in relation to an asset transfer as the circumstances of each site/club may vary considerably.

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