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Stuart Canvas

Stuart Canvas Cricket is an Official Supporter of NatWest. Founded in 1971, Stuart Canvas Cricket has built up a reputation of working with clients to help them provide the best protection for their playing surfaces. They have developed innovative products to help combat both rain and frost and have become pioneers in weather protection systems.

Over the last 20 years Stuart Canvas has used it expertise to develop a range of cricket ground products that are designed to help both groundsmen and players keep playing surfaces and club faculties at the cutting edge of the game.

Flat Sheets

- County

Our county flat sheets are manufactured from a 250gsm lightweight, semi-translucent material. They are ideal for stand-alone flat sheets or as side sheets.

- Test

Made from 350gsm textile reinforced PVC and designed to let in light without ‘burning’ the grass.

- ProTech

Lightweight 165gsm UV stabilised material. Which is easy to handle with a minimum of ground staff required. The breathable cover allows sunlight through while maintaining a constant temperature underneath the cover.


Mobile Covers

Stuart Canvas manufactures two models of domed mobile covers, as well as bespoke apex models. Stuart Canvas mobile covers are made from fully galvanised steel to prevent rusting with 2.8mm folded steel construction for extra strength.


Sight Screens

Stuart Canvas manufactures various models of sight screens:

- Polypropylene

4.25m x 4.5m or 4.25m x 5m. With removable PVC black and white Slats.

- Roller Mesh

4m x 4m PVC mesh, ideal for windy conditions.

- Tracked Sight Screens

Tracked sight screens are ideal for cricket grounds that do not have enough space to have a traditional screen. The tracked sight screen may be moved easily by just one person.


Electronic Scoreboards

Stuart Canvas offer a range of electronic scoreboards to suit all budgets:

- SCP Compact Scoreboard

A 9-digit scoreboard that is tailored to smaller budgets and may either be operated by a 12v battery or connected to the mains.

- SCP Club Scoreboard

A 15-digit scoreboard that is easily wall mounted and can be operated by remote control unit.

- County Scoreboard

A 22-digit scoreboard that is easily wall mounted and can be operated by remote control unit.


Batting Cages

- County

This cage is 7.6m long x 3.6m wide & 3m high, complete with 6 puncture proof swivel wheels, netting & fixtures.

- Test

This cage is 11.3m long x 3.6m wide & 3m high, complete with 8 puncture proof swivel wheels, netting & fixtures.


Indoor Cricket Netting

At Stuart Canvas we produce an install custom made indoor practice netting to the customers’ requirements. Ideal for winter cricket practice in sports halls and schools.


The Hover Cover

Designed by Stuart Canvas, the Hover Cover is an innovative product that has revolutionised the way that major cricket grounds protect their squares and pitches. Currently used at Lords, Edgbaston, Old Trafford, Trent Bridge, Dakha (Bangladesh) and Pune (India).

Products and price list:

Products Size Price £

Mobile Cricket covers*

(incl delivery)

3 units of 7.3m £3400 
Mobile Cricket Covers* 3 units of 8m £3,600
Protech Flat Sheet Cover* 25x4m £900
County Flat Sheet Cover 25x4m £240
County Flat Sheet Cover 25x6m £360
County Flat Sheet Cover 25x8m £480
County Flat Sheet Cover 25x12m £720
Boundary Rope* 220m x 24mm £175
Poly Sightscreen 4mx45m £980
Roller Sightscreen 4x4m £800
County Batting Cage 7.3mx3.6m £999
Test Batting Cage 11.3m x 3.6m £1,470
Bowdry                         £695
Germination Sheet 3.66mx22m £110
Germination Sheet 3.65x4.85m £45


All prices are exclusive of VAT.

How to take advantage of the Stuart Canvas offer

You can find out more about Stuart Canvas and their product range on their website

To discuss requirements or place an order clubs are to contact Stuart Canvas direct:

Telephone: 01925 814525


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