Coach Development Scholarships

Our new scholarship initiative will seek to break down barriers to access and improve opportunities for coaches that are female, ethnically diverse or disabled. Over a four-year period, one hundred scholars will be selected on an annual basis.

What is the purpose of the scholarships?

The scholarships have been set up to improve diversity in the coaching family and create role models that others may aspire too, by providing designated mentoring and support.

By committing yourself to becoming a scholar, you will be an important part of the ECB’s coaching family that works together to help players improve, have fun, be safe and learn.

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Coach Development Scholarships


What types of scholarship are available?

There are two types of scholarships available:

  • Programme related support for coaches committing to accessing and completing ECB Coach Development programmes whether beginning at ECB Support Coach or returning to progress to ECB Advanced Coach
  • Development related support for coaches committed to developing their skill, experience and knowledge in their current environment as well as seeking opportunities to progress in other environments

How are scholars supported?

Each scholar will design a personal development plan with the support of an ECB Coach Developer. The individualised plans will then determine the support offered, which may include:

  • Mentoring support
  • Placement with an experienced coach in a relevant setting
  • Range of Coaching Skills 360 needs analysis
  • Complimentary conference tickets
  • Reduced fees on relevant ECB Coach Development programmes
  • Professional cricket experiences
  • Coaching kit and clothing
  • Hardship contributions
  • Travel and expenses support
  • ECB Coaches Association membership
  • Subscription UK Coaching’s portal and access to workshops

Who is it for?

  • Coaches that are female
  • Coaches that have a disability
  • Coaches that are from ethnically diverse communities
  • Coaches must be a resident in England or Wales


  • The scholarships will run for four years
  • Scholars will work with an ECB Coach Developer to design an action plan for the year ahead
  • Each scholar will have an annual review; this will determine whether they will access the programme for another year

How to apply

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

More information

Frequently asked questions can be found here.

Please contact ECB Coach Development on if you have any further questions.

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