Supported development for cricket officials

Aside from the tuition you’ll receive on each individual course, ECB ACO provide ongoing support throughout your development as an umpire or a scorer.

These programmes are of interest to anyone who would like their competency assessed against ECB ACOs standards.

Umpires’ Support and Development Programme

There are two levels of accreditation – Umpire 2 Accreditation (U2A) following attendance at a Stage 2 course and Umpire 3 Accreditation (U3A) following attendance at a Stage 3 course. 

Accreditation level at U2A (or working towards) is a minimum requirement of many leagues and, to be considered for a Premier League, accreditation at U3A is a necessity.

All umpires can benefit from support irrespective of their experience but for new and developing umpires it is essential. The programme involves the use of experienced umpires as mentors and coaches who can provide encouragement and guidance that will enable all umpires to improve their match management capabilities.

The programme concentrates on self-assessment whilst working with a mentor. Candidates will identify their own issues, understand what they need to do to improve. This will help develop the appropriate strategy to move forward.

Having satisfied your County Development Officer that you have achieved the required certificate you will then receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Scorers’ Support and Development Programme

There are three levels of competency for scorers which are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Full details of the requirements for each of these levels can be found here

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