Players and parents

All concussion must be taken seriously and you must seek medical advice for any suspected occurrence.

Click here for the ECB Concussion factsheet for players. 

Click here for the ECB Concussion factsheet for parents.

If you or your child has received a blow to the head it is imperative that you follow the below guidelines.

The Four Rs are fundamental:

  • Recognise– does the player appear to be suffering from any of the following symptoms; headache, dizziness, confusion, irritability, lack of memory or balance
  • Remove– a player suffering from concussion symptoms must be removed from the field of play. If symptoms do not worsen; continue to monitor for any changes and seek advice from a medical practitioner. If the player's symptoms worsen i.e. increasing headache, vomiting and deterioration of conscious state, stabilisation and referral to hospital is required.
  • Recover– a child must be rested from both physical activities and brain activities such as reading, computer video games, and watching television until they are symptom free. If symptoms return during this period, reduce provoking activities such as the above and gradually reintroduce until recovery is complete
  • Return– If a diagnosis of concussion is made an appropriate graded return to play should be followed once symptom free. This involves gradual reintroduction of both academic studies and physical exercise activities for the child

Children and adolescents should follow an extended graded return to play – a more conservative approach is required than with adult concussion as the child and adolescent brain is still improving its learning potential.

The graded return to play requires the child to be fully functional in the school environment, before reintroducing physical exercise activities, with a minimum of 48 hours to be fulfilled at each activity stage. This means that any child/adolescent who has sustained a concussion cannot return for at least 23 days. Head injury advice should be given to an adult as the child could appear stable with no major concerns and be sent home. 

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