BLOG: "I went home and asked ‘please can we go to our local club?'"

A young cricketer in Staffordshire tells of her new love for cricket.

During COVID, I really missed my friends and being able to do things such as football and running. When the rules finally changed, Staffs Cricket came in and gave us a taster session. It felt amazing to be doing sport again after so long. I went home and asked ‘please can we go to our local club?’

We went down to the club that week for a training session, my younger brother and sister came too and I did know some people from school. It was great being able to laugh and run about. There were only four games left in the season but I was able to play all four and it was loads of fun. At this point, there was only me and two other girls.

The next season, a girl from my class joined me and we also started forming some real friendships with people from other schools. We had so much fun in the nets and just starting hanging out with each other down at the club. It felt like that year we just lived down there. I was able to join an under 10s and under 12s team and found that I loved bowling really fast.

The boys I played against in other teams took for granted that I was a girl and you could see that they weren’t worried. That helped me to focus on slamming the ball down there to get their wicket. This is when I found out that I’m actually really competitive.

The next season, I was asked to captain the under 12 team. I played in the girls under 13 team - which grew to around 10 girls - I played in the under 14s and in the women’s team as their youngest ever player. I then became a Staffordshire County player at the end of my first season, which was amazing and was able to meet more people and coaches. We have played tournaments together and the sleepovers are so much fun.

Staffordshire Girl's cricket - team kit

The girls at my club are empowered to play - and it shows - because there are now 20 of us. We play in mixed and girls only festivals and we are planning to enter a girls league team. It’s great because us girls are listened to and are making the club's cricket our own. Girl Power!

I like that all the coaches are always up for a laugh and help me. Especially Eli, a women's player, coach and now friend to me. I am encouraged without pressure and I have made great new friends who I love to bowl against. I just love being in an all-girls team - we do TikTok dances and are the best of friends and that shows in how we play.

I have played so many games with my brother, festivals with my sister and even my mum has signed up and I played with her. Now my dad has even done a course to become a coach and played his first game. I just need to play with him and that’s the whole family!

I now help coach my little sister's under 8s team, I score and I would like to umpire. The club also supported me to get my Sport Leader Level 1 qualification so that I can help even more next season.

I want to be like Danni Wyatt because she is also from Staffordshire. Or like Tammy Beaumont, or Sophie Ecclestone – she’s my favourite bowler. 

Cricket helps me to relax, I love it because I am with friends and everything else is out of my head.

Everything I want is there and I cannot wait to see what new opportunities there will be for me and my friends.