Get to know the England Men's Physical Disability team

The England Men’s Physical Disability team begin a five-game tour of India this week.  Find out a bit more about the 15-strong group below.

The team will play five IT20 matches in Ahmedabad and Udaipur, which will be the first international cricket for the England Men’s PD team since 2019.

England Men’s Physical Disability captain Callum Flynn introduces the squad ahead of their historic tour of India. 

Alex Hammond

Age: 28

Role: Right-handed opening batter and off-spin bowler

County/DPL: Hampshire & Hawks

“Alex is a strong opening batsman. He really takes it to the opposition and likes to dominate from ball one. He bowls a little bit as well, especially in the Power Play, so having an all-rounder like that is great for a tour of India. This is probably his fifth overseas tour, so he’s been around the squad for a long time and he’s a leader of the team.”

Angus Brown

Angus Brown

Age: 21

Role: Right-handed top-order batter and leg-spin bowler

County/DPL: Black Cats

“Angus is such an exciting talent. He does everything: runs like a cheetah, bowls some quick leg spin, and he’s someone else who could also open the batting. He’ll probably start in the middle order, but he’s someone who absolutely whacks it. For such a small lad, he really packs a punch. His timing is brilliant, and he could be a future captain as well.”

Anthony Clapham

Age: 33

Role: All-rounder

County/DPL: Berkshire & Pirates

“This is Anthony’s first tour. He needs to back his skills, because he’s going to add a lot to our squad. He’ll be batting at seven or eight, but in a different team could easily bat in the top five. He’s also going to add a lot to our bowling attacking. He’s quite a big lad, so he can bowl a heavy ball and offer something different. He’s going to be really valuable to us.”

Ben Sutton

Age: 21

Role: Slow left-arm bowler and right-handed lower order batter

County/DPL: Worcestershire & Tridents

“Ben’s very quiet, but at the same time he’s incredibly feisty. We call him Grandad. He’ll be batting around nine, but could easily be at six. He’ll have a big part to play with the ball. He’ll look to open the bowling. He fires it in, but he can also slow it up and give it a good spin. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he goes on this tour. We’re going to put a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he likes to face challenges head on.”

Brendon Parr

Age: 31

Role: Right-handed hard-hitting middle order batter

County/DPL: Devon & Pirates

“Brendon’s so tall and so big, the Indians will probably think he’s our security rather than a player. He works in a shotgun ammunition shop and he’s a bit of a hunter/farmer type. Anything in the V, he’s trying to hit it out of the park. His role is probably to get 20 off 15 balls at the end and really kick us on to the 180, 190, 200 totals. When we’re chasing, if we need 40 off three overs and we’ve still got Brendon in the pack, we’re still looking good.”

Dan Reynaldo

Age: 28

Role: Off-spin bowler

County/DPL: Hampshire & Black Cats

“An experienced guy, Dan’s been in the squad with me since our first tour when we were 16. He took some time away, but he’s come back as such a good bowler. He’ll be coming on after six overs to really tie up the Indians, spinning it away from the left-handers and keeping it tight to the right-handers. Like me, he’s a new dad. He works so hard and he’s such a good lad.”

Danny Hamm

Age: 29

Role: Slow left-arm bowler and right-handed tailender

County/DPL: Cheshire & Pirates

“Danny’s the character of the group, he’s the joker. For someone who’s a teacher, he swears horrendously. He’s a Liverpool lad, full of jokes, and if we have a defeat he’ll be the one we lean on to get the lads back in a happy mood and looking forward to playing again. He’s a very experienced left-arm off-spinner that can dart it in and also give it a rip. He’ll probably bowl in the Power Play and at the back end as well.”

James Nordin celebrates after taking a wicket for Hawks in the DPL Final

James Nordin

Age: 23

Role: Seam bowler

County/DPL: Middlesex & Hawks

“James is one of the nicest lads you’ll meet. He just absolutely loves cricket. He’s a complete cricket geek, he buys into everything that’s said within the group, and he works so hard. He’s a medium pacer with a good skill set. He can be brought on in the middle overs to bowl some consistent line and lengths, and it’ll be really hard to get away on the Indian pitches. He’s handy with the bat as well.”

Jamie Goodwin

Age: 30

Role:  Left-handed batter

County/DPL: Derbyshire & Tridents

“Jamie’s one of my best mates. I was groomsman at his wedding and he’s an unbelievable bloke, even if he’s more of a traveller than a cricketer these days. He works at McVitie’s, so he’s sorted out all the lads with our biscuit stash. He’ll bat up at the top of the order and his experience makes him an obvious pick for our leadership team. He’s a great guy to have around.”

Jordan Williams in action for England Disability

Jordan Williams

Age: 31

Role: Right-arm medium bowler and left-handed middle/lower order batter

County/DPL: Lancashire & Black Cats

“I play with Jordan at club level. A proper Manchester lad, he takes everything front on and doesn’t duck away. He’s an aggressive player and he’ll swing it massively into the right handers. He’ll lead the bowling attack, and he’s unbelievable fielder. If we’re not bowling, me and him will do long on to long off every over. He’s a great character to have around. If it gets a bit tasty, he won’t duck away.”

Liam O’Brien

Age: 24

Role: All-rounder

County/DPL: Sussex & Tridents

“We did some personality trait testing a long time ago and Liam came out as a Fiery Red. He properly goes at the challenge and he’s starting to use his passion in a good way. He’s an all-rounder: he’ll bat at number four and bowl some vital overs for us. He’s part of the engine room in terms of our batting. He’s someone I’m looking forward to touring with. It’s his first overseas tour and he’ll be a really big player for us.”

Liam Thomas

Age: 29

Role: Wicket keeper and left-handed opening batter

County/DPL: Yorkshire & Pirates

“Liam is another one in the leadership group. He opens the batting and, considering he has a blade, the way he moves as wicket keeper is absolutely unbelievable. His technique is so good and his standing-up wicket-keeping is amazing. He took a break in 2015-16, but since he’s come back he’s taken on the opening batting. He can score quickly, and we’ll lean on him to get a good start in the Power Plays.”

Sammy Kumar

Age: 20

Role: Leg-spin bowler

County/DPL: Middlesex & Black Cats

“It’s going to be an interesting tour for Sammy, because India is where his family is from. He’s a leg spinner and he gives it a proper rip. We’re really excited to take him. We know the pitches there suit spin more often than not. He’s a quiet lad, but the boys will get behind him. If the wickets are turning, he’ll be a real asset.”

Will Flynn

Will Flynn

Age: 23

Role: Right-handed middle order batter

County/DPL: Hampshire & Pirates

“Will’s a great lad who can slot in at seven. He’s a bit of a finisher for us, but he’s such a versatile player that if he really wanted to, he could bat anywhere from one through to seven. He’s got a lovely technique. He punches it and times it so well, and he’s an unbelievable fielder in the ring. This is his first overseas tour and I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes.”

Callum Flynn

Age: 28

Role: Captain, all-rounder

County/DPL: Lancashire & Hawks

“I like to be involved when the pressure is on. As captain, I don’t want to leave it to anyone else. I want to make sure I’m in those big moments and not shying away. It’s my first time in India and my first tour as captain, so that’s two exciting challenges. Of course, I’ll miss my little one and my partner. But I’m so excited to see what we can achieve on this trip.”

England Men's Physical Disability Team India Tour Fixtures

Sunday 28 January India v England, Narendra Modi Stadium, 10am 

Tuesday 30 January India v England, Narendra Modi Stadium, 10am 

Thursday 1 February India v England, Gujarat College, 10am 

Saturday 3 February India v England, Railway Ground, 10am 

Tuesday 6 February India v England, Narendra Modi Stadium, 10am