Edgbaston 4 Everyone: Warwickshire outlines its cricket inclusivity plan

Warwickshire has outlined its commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in cricket with the publication of its updated Edgbaston for Everyone plan.

Edgbaston for Everyone documents the progress Warwickshire has made since the Club’s EDI blueprint was launched two years ago and its pledges for the future.

Highlights from the past 12 months include organising the country’s first ever LGBTQ+ cricket tournament, hosting the inaugural Vaisakhi Cricket Cup at Edgbaston, and assembling an all-women grounds staff for a women’s international match.

The club has also introduced a new youth selection system aimed at reducing unconscious bias – a project that is attracting more applications from state educated children – and expanding opportunities for disability cricketers.

Edgbaston for Everyone vows to increase its school engagement programme through the new Warwickshire Cricket Foundation charity; provide jobs, training and education opportunities for local people; and expanding its EDI training programme for staff.

Warwickshire Chief Executive, Stuart Cain, said: “This document demonstrates how we have changed in 2023, and will continue to change and develop in 2024. It provides us with a framework for the coming year and will keep us focused, whilst tangibly showing what we’ve done to drive change and inclusivity.

“With support from our communities and the Club’s Inclusion Advisory Board, we’ve made real efforts to make Edgbaston a safe and welcoming environment for all.

“But we’re still at the start of this journey; I’m not sure it ever stops. Making sure we make cricket a sport that brings people together from all walks of life, and all parts of the West Midlands and Warwickshire, feels more like a mindset that lives with us forever.”

Warwickshire was the first professional cricket club in the country to establish an Inclusion Advisory Board. Its members represent all nine of the identified protected characteristics and they help guide the club’s EDI work.

Inclusion Advisory Board Chair Toyin Higgs, said: “We have ensured inclusion is brought to life at Warwickshire County Cricket Club; the bridge between Edgbaston and our communities is strong.

“Inclusion is a responsibility shared by all. We will continue to work with the Club to use cricket as a vehicle to bring communities together and celebrate their diversity.”

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) praised Warwickshire’s EDI programme in a recent report.

They said: “Warwickshire CCC continues to be a leading organisation on EDI and setting the standard for the game in several areas. The Edgbaston for Everyone plan is an example of leading practice within the game.”

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