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    Anti-doping - drug testing

    What is the ECB’s drug testing procedure?

    In compliance with the WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations the ECB operates a strong in and out of competition anti-doping testing programme which is conducted by UKAD. Players may also be subject to anti-doping testing outside of the ECB programme when competing in other competitions under the jurisdiction of the ICC or other governing bodies (e.g. IPL).

    The in competition testing period is defined as 06:00 local time on the first day of a match up until 1 hour following the completion of the match. The entire duration of a match lasting longer than 1 day will be viewed as an in competition period. A player may be notified for an in competition test at any point during this time.

    The out of competition testing period is therefore any time out of the in competition period including training and rest days.

    Under the ECB’s Anti-Doping Rules any cricketer in England and Wales could be selected for testing with no advanced notice, anytime, anywhere.

    There is though a nominated ECB pool of players, which consists of the players who will be subject to regular in and out of competition anti-doping testing. Players competing at a level within this pool must be aware of their individual responsibilities in relation to ECB Anti-Doping Rules, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and the Prohibited List.

    The main ECB UKAD anti-doping testing pool consists of:

    • England Representative Teams
    • First Class Counties (1st XI, 2nd XI, Academy)
    • The ECB works with UKAD to make the anti-doping testing programme in cricket as effective and intelligent as possible. Further information on Testing and the procedures involved in sample collection can be found in the Testing Programme section of the UKAD Website.

    Anti-Doping Sample Collection

    The anti-doping sample collection process follows a set procedure that is outlined simply below. All anti-doping sample collection is carried out by trained UKAD staff known as Doping Control Officers who may be assisted by chaperones.

    The first time you are asked to provide a sample for anti-doping testing it can be quite daunting so it is important to familiarise with some of the key points of the process. It is also crucial to remember that refusing to provide a sample when selected for doping control is an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and under the 2015 WADA Code could lead to a 4 year ban. 

    • You will be approached by a Doping Control Officer and told that you have been selected to provide a sample for anti-doping testing. This is most likely to be at a training session or following the end of your involvement in a day’s play of a match.
    • A chaperone will take you to the Doping Control Station. You can also ask a representative such as a coach, physio or parent to come with you.
    • A urine sample will be collected from you – you will have to do this in front of a Doping Control Officer who will be the same gender as you.
    • The Doping Control Officer will confirm your sample is suitable to be analysed in the laboratory.
    • You will have to pour your sample into containers you have selected. Check that your sample is closed securely.
    • You will have to complete a sample collection form and sign this at the end of the collection. You will have a copy to take away with you.

    Remember if you have any questions at any time speak to Doping Control Staff, the support staff within your team or contact the ECB Anti-Doping Manager directly.

    Reporting Doping

    UKAD also offers a confidential Report Doping in Sport service. There is a hotline that can be called on 08000 32 23 32 or a secure online form that can also be utilised.

    Any information reported will be dealt with by the UKAD Intelligence and Investigations Team who adopt the principles of the National Intelligence Model (NIM) to prioritise issues in doping and allocate the resources to deal with them accordingly.

    An addition to the new 2015 Code related to includes improvements in the provision for investigations which ensures that every anti-doping organisation must have the resources to obtain, assess and handle anti-doping intelligence and information. UKAD already has the capability to deal with intelligence and actively conducts investigations into suspected doping violations.

    This work enables effective testing and investigations strategies, informs education and prevention programme and undoubtedly leads to the discovery of anti-doping rule violations that would have remained undetected through a standard testing based approach.

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