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How to Play

Soft Ball Cricket is easy to play. If you’re not sure about anything, just ask a festival host, but you’ll pick it up really quickly.


There are two teams of six to eight people. Everyone gets the chance to bat, bowl, and field.


Each game takes no more than an hour, and the team with the highest score wins; unless the scores are tied in which case it’s a draw.



How to Play


  • All you need to play are comfy clothes and shoes that you can run in!



  • Each team bats once.
  • Batters from the same team bat in pairs, one at each end of the wicket (the three stumps).
  • Each pair faces two or three overs (an over is six, bowled balls).


Here’s how you can be got out as a batter (dismissed):


  • Bowled (the ball hits the stumps)
  • Caught (a fielder catches the ball in the air off your bat)
  • Run out (a fielder hit the stumps before the running batters can reach them)
  • Stumped (the wicketkeeper hits the stumps with the ball when you’re not behind your line)
  • Hit wicket (you hit the stumps with your bat or body)
  • Leg before wicket (you deliberately block the ball with a leg or foot)


  • Everyone’s encouraged to bowl at least one over, and you can do this overarm or under arm – whatever you feel comfortable with.


  • Each batting team starts with a score of 200 runs
  • You score runs by running between the wickets (stumps) or by hitting the ball to the boundary.
  • You score four if the ball hits the ground before crossing the boundary; six if the ball’s hit over the boundary without touching the ground
  • Even if you miss the ball, or it hits your body, you can still run and score
  • If you’re out, five runs are taken from the total score and your batting partner faces the next ball.
  • Two runs are given to the batting team for each wide (a ball bowled wide of the wicket that’s impossible to reach).
  • The batting team also gets two runs for a no-ball: when the ball bounces more than twice before reaching the batter, or arrives at shoulder height or above, without bouncing.



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