South Asian Action Plan

We, England and Wales Cricket Board, have created a comprehensive and ambitious 11-point action plan to better engage with South Asian communities.

It is our responsibility to grow the game and make cricket a game for everyone.

We know there are approximately one million South Asian cricket fans across England and Wales, and South Asian communities represent a third of the recreational playing base. However, there are a number of barriers that currently prevent these communities fully engaging with all the game has to offer. We know we must improve engagement with South Asian communities, doing so is ‘core business’ to achieving our ambition.

To address these challenges we have created an 11-point action plan. The plan has been developed through rigorous analysis and wide-ranging consultation over the last 15 months to ensure it was created in collaboration with the community. The plan addresses the areas of the game that will have the greatest and most sustainable impact.

The aims of the strategy are to:

  • Create more opportunities for South Asian communities to engage with cricket, whether playing, supporting or working in the game
  • Remove the barriers to involvement and participation in cricket for South Asian players and fans
  • Build strong relationships between South Asian communities, ECB, counties, clubs and the cricket network
  • Use cricket to make a positive difference to communities

The action plan covers all of cricket; the recreational game, elite pathway and coaching, attendance, media and communications, administration and culture.

This is not a quick fix; it will involve a mix of short term actions alongside medium and long-term ambitions that will combine to ensure that we are fully supporting and engaging with South Asian communities across the game. It will evolve in collaboration with the communities it supports, and will be delivered in conjunction with key partners.

While this strategy focuses on South Asian communities, we believe much of our action plan will impact the entire game, and all who are involved in it.

Both the full Action Plan and Executive Summary are available to read.

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