5.3.1 Safeguarding in Cricket

Safeguarding in Cricket

Safeguarding in cricket is supported by a network of Safeguarding Officers across the ECB and County Cricket Boards.

ECB Safeguarding Team

The Safeguarding Team at the ECB provides a reactive and proactive element to Safeguarding.
The Case Management Team manage referrals and investigations when a safeguarding concern has been raised. They will assess people who may pose a risk of harm and put safeguards in place.

ECB Safeguarding Structure

ECB Safeguarding Structure

The Proactive Team is dedicated to putting preventative measures into action and providing guidance and support to clubs, counties and other cricket organisations. This can be through policy, education and the sharing of good practice to support the national network.

How to Share a Concern

County Safeguarding Officers are appointed by each County Cricket Board in order to provide advice and assistance on safeguarding children for clubs, leagues and other affiliated organisations within each county. 
All Club Safeguarding Officers have access to this support and the County Safeguarding Officer actively supports clubs in creating a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy the game.

Club Safeguarding Officers

Whilst everyone is responsible for safeguarding, the Club Safeguarding Officer will make sure the appropriate policies and procedures are in place, and that everyone in regulated activity at their club, is vetted by the ECB. 
They are the go-to person that others come to if they have concerns, and having attended specific training, will know what to do in order to assist, or who to ask for further help.

League Safeguarding Officers

We have a designated volunteer workforce of Safeguarding Officers who promote and oversee best practice in Safeguarding Children. All youth leagues are encouraged to have an appointed League Safeguarding Officer. The League Safeguarding Officer is in place to improve practices across the league, ensure clubs are compliant and be the first point of contact for any concerns relating to children or adults at risk.