Raising The Game

At the ECB, we believe cricket is a game for everyone. Here's how we're looking to change the game in communities across England and Wales.

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Have your say and help shape the culture of the game.

Find out more about Raising The Game and how to share your stories using our resources:
  • An introductory toolkit to Raising The Game (PDF) / Accessible version
  • Raising The Game brand guide (PDF) / Accessible version
  • Raising The Game logos (Zip)
  • EDI Calendar 2024 (PDF)
  • Ally Guide for Race and Ethnicity (PDF)
  • Accessible Communications Top Tips (PDF)
  • Accessible Communications Style Guide (PDF)
  • ECB Inclusive Language Guide (PDF)
  • 10 Steps Towards Thriving Girls' Sections - Checklist (PDF)
  • A guide to Ramadan (PDF)
  • Think Wales: Inclusive Communications Guide (PDF)
  • Sikhism and Vaisakhi: an introductory guide (PDF)
  • British Sign Language Fingerspelling guide (PDF: screens / PDF: print)
  • Rainbow Laces toolkit 2024 (PDF)