Strategic partner

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Initial Washroom Hygiene (Initial) have announced a strategic partnership, designed to bring period dignity to grassroots cricket.
Central to this new partnership is a shared ambition to ensure that menstruation is not something that holds back women and girls from being involved in sports.
This important initiative is supported by We Got Game, the brand that supports women and girls in cricket across England and Wales.

Helping cricket clubs provide period-friendly facilities

Initial’s In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers will be supplied to 1,000 grassroots clubs with girls’ sections, along with the free servicing of period waste bins
These dispensers provide free and discreet access to period products within the toilet cubicle for those who menstruate, importantly, at the point of need. 
ECB x Initial

Breaking down barriers to help tackle period stigma

ECB and Initial believe that periods shouldn’t be a taboo subject.
Alongside access to free period products, we will also be sharing educational material with the cricket clubs involved, to open up dialogue as we look to normalise conversations about periods and empower future generations.  
Our goal is to make cricket the most inclusive sport of all!

Period dignity, the sustainable way

Like the ECB, Initial places a big focus on operating sustainably as well as providing products and services that are kind to the environment. Here are just some of the ways this is being achieved: 
  • The In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispensers include personal wipes that are made from non-woven cellulose fibre and are biodegradable. The sanitary bags provided in these dispensers are made from plant-based materials and are both biodegradable and compostable.

  • These dispensers are supplied with Tampax tampons and sanitary pads from Always. Initial is also able to supply period pants, reusable pads, and menstrual cups if a club chooses to purchase reusable options for the dispenser.  

  • Initial’s Signature Lite Eco Mini period waste bins are smaller than the average bin. This means not only do they fit alongside the toilet, but they contain 39% less plastic in the base than standard sanitary waste bins.

  • Initial’s collection of sanitary waste is carried out in a hygienic and eco-friendly way. Instead of swapping out the period waste bin for another unit, it is emptied and hygienically cleaned onsite, and the liner bag is replaced with a new one. This means less weight is carried on vans, less fuel is used, and less water is used washing the bins.

  • All sanitary waste collected by Initial across England and Wales is diverted from landfill and taken to Energy from Waste facilities.

  • Initial has introduced electric vehicles (where suitable) to its fleet and also operates dedicated route planning and DriveSmart schemes, which are designed to reduce engine idling time, maximise fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions.