EDI In Action

To make our EDI vision a reality, we need diverse teams all at levels to recognise and address opportunities as well as break down barriers. We also need environments where everyone feels welcome and supported to contribute and grow their career in cricket.

Across the game, activity is under way to get a wider variety of people involved in the sport, through our ‘Inspiring Generations’ strategy for cricket in England and Wales. This activity and its impact ranges from expanding women’s and disability teams, through to funding community initiatives involve more people, working with partners to reduce barriers to participation, and participating in cross-sport diversity campaigns in order to build on what works.  Action will differ according to the specific needs of different groups alongside work by individual counties and other organisations across the cricket network, and we expect this to continue as our EDI efforts evolve and society continues to change. 
You can learn more about some of the work that’s happening across cricket in some of the focus areas below – and we’d love you to get involved. 


Transforming Women’s And Girls’ Cricket – ECB Action Plan 
England Women Home 
Regional women’s cricket 
Dream Big Desi Women 


Engaging South Asian Communities - ECB Action Plan  
ACE Programme for Young Black Cricketers 
Coaching Bursaries and “Rooney Rule” 
Dream Big Desi Women 
Core Cities programme 


England Disability Home  
Disability Premier League 
Disability Champion Clubs 
Lord’s Taverners UK Youth Cricket and Sports Disability Charity 
Disability Confident Employer Scheme 


Pride in Cricket 
Rainbow Laces Campaign 
LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Cricket Conference 

Socio economic background and class 

Lord’s Taverners 
Chance to Shine Street Cricket and Schools Programmes 
National Programmes bursaries 
Coach development scholarships 
Core Cities programme  
You can read about other examples of work which is being carried out across the cricket network to support EDI on our Raising the Game page. 
Club facilities are an important factor in ensuring that everyone feels comfortable within the club environment. We provide guidance for cricket clubs to help make cricket facilities more inclusive, so that more people from every background are encouraged to get involved in the game at a recreational level.