Coaching Courses

Whether you want to coach in grassroots cricket or aspire to coach in the elite game, we've got a coaching course for you

ECB Support Coach

This programme has been designed to help to develop your confidence and equip you with the knowledge, understanding and applied skills to support a qualified coach in a coaching session and create a safe, enjoyable and welcoming player-centred environment

ECB Foundation Coach

Coaching is an enormously rewarding, challenging and crucial role in cricket. ECB Foundation Coach is a new coach development programme and qualification that has been created to help more people take their first steps into coaching cricket.

ECB Core Coach

The ECB Core Coach programme is an entry level qualification for coaching cricket in England and Wales alongside the ECB Foundation Coach. An ECB Core Coach will be qualified to lead coaching sessions independently and without supervision.

ECB Advanced Coach

The challenge for all coaches is to learn as they develop, just as players do. Therefore, we have developed the ECB Advanced Coach programme to help you challenge your current coaching practice and further your knowledge and understanding in a variety of areas.

ECB Specialist Coach

Our flagship programme has been developed to provide coaches with an opportunity to explore areas that they have an interest in and passion for. Coaches attend core modules followed by specialist modules selected during their application phase.