Metro Bank

Champion of Women’s and Girls’ Cricket and Women's Ashes Title Partner

Metro Bank is the ECB's first-ever Champion of Women's and Girls' Cricket.

As the people-people bank, they share our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community - and the passion to put this into action through cricket, from grassroots clubs to the Ashes.

A new Women's and Girls' Fund - made up of equal contributions from the ECB and Metro Bank - is at the heart of the partnership. The Fund will accelerate cricket's progress towards becoming a more inclusive sport, through community team programmes to attract and retain women and girls.

Metro Bank will also be an official England Women's Team Partner, as well as the first Title Partner of the Women's Ashes.

Our shared mission to break down barriers and help create inclusive local cricket communities will empower more women and girls to reach their full potential in cricket and beyond, transforming the game for generations to come.

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The Metro Bank Women's Ashes