Women's Player Selection - Explained

Teams in The Hundred Women's Competition were selected via a new process in 2023. Take a look at how it works.

  • The Hundred Women’s Competition features eight teams and the best players in the world
  • Squads of 15 players
  • Three-stage process including a Player Draft

All players will be selected in one of seven salary bands. Two players will receive each of salary bands A to F, with A being the most expensive, and three players will receive band G.

Teams are allowed to sign a maximum of three overseas players, and three England Women central contract players. Each squad will be made up of 15 players.

Oval Invincibles have won the Women's Competition in 2021 and 2022

Stage One:

Each squad were able to retain four players from the 2022 group.

But: teams do not have to use up all their retention slots, meaning teams might have chosen to not keep any of their players!

Within a squad, each team has a number of "marquee players." These are either England Women’s central contract players, or overseas players. During retention, a squad can keep a maximum of three marquee players – but with a maximum of either two England or two overseas players. Teams could not retain three of one category.

All players signed in Stage One must sign in salary bands A to D, which means that players can negotiate a different salary to which they were signed in 2022.

The retention window opened at the start of December 2022 and ran until mid-January 2023. 

Make sense so far? We hope so – because the next stage is the fun one.

Will 2022 leading run-scorer Laura Wolvaardt be retained?

Stage Two:
The Hundred Draft, Powered by Sage

The Player Draft has been one of the most exciting elements of the Men’s Competition, and now it’s came to the Women’s Competition. Thursday 23 March, live on Sky Sports.

Each team drafted players in turn until they had eight members of their squad selected. All signings must be within salary bands A to D.

All players needed to register ahead of the Draft and, when doing so, they set themselves a reserve price. This is the lowest salary band they can receive. So, if a player made their reserve price band B, no team could sign them at band C or D.

Teams select in turn from their top salary band down, skipping any slots where they retained a player. The Draft order is the reverse of the final 2022 standings, so Welsh Fire went first, and Oval Invincibles went last.

The Women's Competition Draft order 2023

Any players not retained or signed in the Draft could still be signed in the final stage.

There’s one complex thing during the Draft. Each team gets one "Right to Match" option. This option enabled a team to re-sign one of their 2022 players that they didn’t previously retain, when a rival team offered to buy them during the Draft. 

Teams using their "Right to Match" must offer the same salary as the player’s prospective new team. If they had already filled up all their slots at that band, the option isn’t available to them.

Once the Draft is complete, each team still had seven vacant slots.

Southern Brave head coach Charlotte Edwards

Stage Three:
Open Market

This is the final stage, and one which has been in place during each edition of the Women’s Competition so far.

The remaining seven players are signed in an open market basis. Want a player? Offer them a contract. Salary bands E to G were open to teams here.

And that’s it! Squads were completed by the end of June, before The Hundred got under way on 1 August.

Which teams will

be picked?

The eight teams align directly with the teams competing in the Men’s Competition:  

  • Birmingham Phoenix
  • London Spirit
  • Manchester Originals
  • Northern Superchargers
  • Oval Invincibles
  • Southern Brave
  • Trent Rockets
  • Welsh Fire

How are the men’s teams picked?

The process for selection in the Men's Competition can be found here

When does The Hundred start?

The Hundred will be back in summer 2024. Check out the fixtures.

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