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Scoring goes digital with Play-Cricket Scorer

The newly released Play-Cricket Scorer app will bring your recreational games to life, from back-garden matches to league fixtures.

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Scoring goes digital with Play-Cricket Scorer

The Play-Cricket Scorer app allows users to score a variety of formats

Scoring just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to the new Play-Cricket Scorer app, any game – whether it be a Saturday league clash or just a knockabout on the beach – can be recorded, with all stats from league fixtures automatically uploaded to competition management and administration platform

Built specifically for recreational cricket the app, which is available as both an iOS and Android download, is designed to meet the needs of both the casual and serious scorer, being easy to use and powerful enough to keep score in a variety of formats.

Matches in the back-garden, practice sessions and cup finals can be live-scored in all the detail of a traditional scoresheet, the technology ensuring that the scorer is at the very centre of proceedings.

Play-Cricket Scorer also allows the user to live broadcast match events on social media and, while the app's ever-increasing functionality will enable the creation of scoring worms and wagon wheels during games.

Single innings and double innings matches are catered for, users can score their own casual match with custom teams and players, assign roles to individuals, and view a ball-by-ball breakdown of an innings that is in progress.

Extensively tested in in-game situations with Association of Cricket Officials (ACO) input, the app will be a quick and hassle-free way for captains and administrators to record all their club’s matches and is built to cope with different points systems and rain-affected games.

There is a comprehensive in-app help system and all games can resumed or recovered from any compatible mobile or tablet device. Users can also access support and share their feedback via

Best of all, Play-Cricket Scorer is free to download!

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