The LGBTQ+ Community in Cricket Employee Network

Information about cricket's LGBTQ+ Community in Cricket Employee Network

The LGBTQ+ Community in Cricket Employee Network has been set up as one of four game-wide groups to help the game in its journey to become more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

It is made up of individuals who work in cricket, whether at the ECB, in a First Class County, National County or partner.

Our vision is to make cricket a more inclusive sport for LGBTQ+ people, and to do that we will work with and support all relevant organisations and clubs in their work to become more inclusive.

Our fundamental aim is to influence positive change within cricket. We want to connect and support LGBTQ+ employees in the game, while also being a place where both allies and organizations within cricket can learn from the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people across all elements of the game and in turn improve their work.

We will use Events, Education and Engagement to connect and grow the LGBTQ+ community in cricket, to help increase awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in the game, and ultimately to help improve LGBTQ+ allyship.

We want cricket clubs across England and Wales to be safe and inclusive places for LGBTQ+ people, we want volunteers to feel able and educated to help welcome LGBTQ+ members to their club, and we want cricket to be known and celebrated as a sport that is wholly accepting of the LGBTQ+ community.

We are not the only group trying to further LGBTQ+ inclusion in cricket and we do not hold a monopoly on LGBTQ+ work. There is great work taking place across the game, and from within the county network. Out 4 Cricket, Proud Surrey, Yorkshire and Proud, Gloucestershire CCC, The OUTlaws (Notts CCC, Blaze), Pride in Cricket, Graces CC, Unicorns CC and Leeds Kites CC are all playing an important role.

Who We Are

Emily Iveson-Pritchard (they/she) – Co-Chair, Surrey CCC

Hen Cowen (they/them) – Co-Chair, ECB

Brigg Ford (he/him), Warwickshire CCC

Di Lewis (she/her), ECB

Marianne Lea (she/her), Cheshire

Georgia Pulman (she/her), ECB

Michael Spry (he/him), Cumbria

Get In Touch

Anyone is welcome to attend our monthly meetings, or feel free to simply get in touch with us.

As per our objectives, we want our Committee to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals in cricket – whether in the recreational game or the professional game – so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Equally, if you want to hear more about our work, have an idea or are keen to get involved we’d also love to hear from you.

Please email

LGBTQ+ Community in Cricket Game-Live event invite

Upcoming Dates

February 21: Raising The Game – Game Live. Online Q&A for LGBTQ+ History Month featuring discussion and conversation with former and current cricketers, recreational and professional. 

May 17: Out4Cricket is hosting the third LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Cricket Conference at Trent Bridge. Find out more at LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Cricket 2024.

June 9: Out4Cricket’s LGBTQ+ tournament. Find out more at

June 29: March at Pride in London. To register your interest, please email