Disability Premier League Final to be held as double header with England Men’s IT20

The final of the 2024 Disability Premier League will be played ahead of England Men's IT20 against Australia in Cardiff.

The England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) trailblazing Disability Premier League is back and bigger than ever for its third edition this summer.

The competition’s final will be held at Sophia Gardens for the very first time, ahead of England Men’s second IT20 with Australia on September 13, 2024. Once again it will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

The Disability Premier League (DPL) is the first tournament of its kind, encompassing players across three different impairment groups, Physical Disability (PD), Learning Disability (LD) and Deaf, all potentially being in the same starting 11.

The Black Cats, Hawks, Pirates and The Tridents will all be fighting for a spot in the final across 12 matches from August 25 to September 8. The battle began on Tuesday with the DPL Draft, where the sides picked their squads for the summer.

Each team had the opportunity to retain six players from last year, leaving 10 spots available to fill heading into the Draft.

The talent pool is full to brim with stars like England PD captain Callum Flynn and Disability Player of the Year 2023 Alfie Pyles, both being picked up by the Hawks this summer.

Other favourites from across the disability game include Dan Hamm who recently retired from international cricket after an illustrious 14-year career in an England shirt. Hamm will be back on the field with the Black Cats.

Excitement comes with the ‘unknown element’ of fresh faces in the competition too who have risen through the ranks in the domestic game, several of whom have the ability to take the limelight.  

DPL Tournament Director, Richard Hill MBE, said: “The 2024 DPL promises to be the best yet with the introduction of 12 new players into the competition from our ever-growing domestic disability competitions. It really reflects the raising standards in those competitions as well.

“The complexities of creating equal squads in terms of tier rankings alongside impairment specific intelligence, places the DPL draft in a unique place in comparison to other player drafts that take place and we are very proud of that.

“Sticking with the four-franchise team structure, with the final taking place as a double header with England men v Australia at Sophia Gardens in September, this year promises to bring the domestic disability cricket season to a climatic end.”

Disability Premier League 2024 fixtures

Sunday August 25, 2024

Oundle School, Oundle Town Cricket Club, Northamptonshire

Black Cats v Tridents

Hawks v Pirates

Tridents v Hawks

Pirates v Black Cats


Sunday September 1, 2024

National Cricket Centre, Loughborough

Hawks v Black Cats

Tridents v Pirates

Tridents v Black Cats

Pirates v Hawks


Sunday September 8, 2024

Oundle School, Oundle Town Cricket Club, Northamptonshire

Hawks v Tridents

Black Cats v Pirates

Black Cats v Hawks

Pirates v Tridents


Friday September 12, 2024

Sophia Gardens, Cardiff  



Disability Premier League squad lists

Black Cats

Head Coach: Mark Smallwood

  1. Sammy Ahmed
  2. Kevin Baker
  3. Angus Brown (England PD)
  4. Nathan Caddell (England Deaf)
  5. Cameron Cooper (England PD)
  6. James Dixon (England Deaf)
  7. Joe Freestone
  8. Jonny Gale (England LD)
  9. Greg McKenzie
  10. Kieran McKinney (England LD)
  11. James O’Conner (England Deaf)
  12. Owen Piper
  13. Josh Price (England Deaf)
  14. Dan Reynaldo (England PD)
  15. Ben Williams
  16. Tayler Young (England LD)



Head Coach: James Wojda

  1. Kevin Cooper
  2. Zaghan Farhan
  3. Connor Flaunty
  4. Callum Flynn (England PD)
  5. Jamie Goodwin (England PD)
  6. George Greenway (England Deaf)
  7. Alex Hammond (England PD)
  8. Hugo Hammond (England PD)
  9. Rob Hewitt (England LD)
  10. Ronnie Jackson (England LD)
  11. Ben Mason (England LD)
  12. Farooq Mohammad (England Deaf)
  13. Owen Morris
  14. Jack Perry (England LD)
  15. Alfie Pyle (England LD)
  16. Herny Wainman (England Deaf)



Head Coach: Paul Allen

  1. Henry Abel
  2. Dan Bowser (England LD)
  3. Jai Charan (England LD)
  4. Anthony Clapham (England PD)
  5. Stephen George (England Deaf)
  6. Dan Hamm
  7. Alex Jervis (England LD)
  8. Monty McKenzie
  9. Tom Meskell
  10. Joe Moss
  11. Jake Oakes (England Deaf)
  12. Brendan Parr (England PD)
  13. Killian Spencer
  14. Cameron Sweeney (England Deaf)
  15. Liam Thomas (England PD)
  16. Jordan Williams (England PD)



Head Coach: Duncan Green

  1. Matt Bailey (England Deaf)
  2. Kyle Clayton
  3. Jordan Dore (England LD)
  4. Chris Edwards (England LD)
  5. Will Flynn (England PD)
  6. Daniel Gee
  7. Joel Harris (England Deaf)
  8. Luke James
  9. Alfie Jeeves
  10. Sammy Kumar (England PD)
  11. James Nordin (England PD)
  12. Liam O’Brien (England PD)
  13. Luke Riley
  14. Kester Sainsbury (England LD)
  15. Ben Sutton (England PD)
  16. Umesh Valjee (England Deaf)