Drought assessment

If your club is operating under a drought restriction order, you should carry out a full risk assessment of your cricket square, as detailed on this page.

As changes to our climate occur there may be occasions when clubs need to operate under drought restrictions imposed by water companies such as Temporary Use Bans or even Drought Orders.

Water is used in the preparation of fine turf pitches to help to achieve the required playing characteristics and to maintain safety. 

A club groundsman prepares the cricket square

Water should only ever be used in an effective and efficient way.  We have worked with our partner the Grounds Management Association (GMA) to provide best practice advice on how to water effectively and efficiently – you can find that advice here.

Note that there are exemptions to some drought restrictions in order to maintain safe playing conditions.  Advice on how to comply with drought restrictions and where exemptions to restrictions apply, please refer to guidance on the Grounds Management Association Toolkit for cricket grounds managers here.