Playing recorded music at your club

Find out all you need to know about obtaining a licence to play recorded music at your cricket club.

If you ever use recorded music at your club – for example, through a radio, TV, CDs or computer – or at live events, this is considered a “public performance” and requires a licence from both the Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). 

Applying for a joint licence   

To simplify the licensing process, PPL and PRS now provide a joint licence for eligible amateur sports clubs. The joint licence ensures that amateur sports clubs are operating in a way that also satisfies the specific needs of both PPL and PRS.

Most clubs will meet the criteria for the joint licence as detailed in our  guidance and costs document (PDF), and obtaining the licence is straightforward. However, each club will need to consider its own individual circumstances. For example, if your club operates regular events such as discos or offers private hire, you might need a different type of licence.

Find out more about music licensing by visiting the PPL and PRS websites.

You can also contact PPL on 020 7534 1100 or by email via

Who are PPL and PRS for Music?   

PPL and PRS are separate, independent companies and in most instances a licence is required from both organisations to legally play recorded music in public. Each organisation represents different rights holders and has separate licences, terms and conditions:

  • PPL licenses the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies and performers
  • PRS licenses the use of musical compositions and lyrics on behalf of authors, songwriters, composers and publishers

Why have PPL written to my club?    

As noted above, playing music in public requires a licence. PPL, who administer your joint licence on behalf of PPL and PRS, will most likely have contacted your club because your licence is due for renewal or because they do not have a record of your club and are seeking to arrange for the appropriate licence to be put in place.