Coaching Stories

Hear from inspirational coaches who are making a difference in their local communities.

Coaching is a challenging and enormously rewarding role within our game. Players need expertise, support and passion at every level of their development.
  • Coaches inspire the next generation.
  • Coaches make a difference in their community.
  • Coaches are part of their club’s future.
  • Coaches share their love of the game.
  • Coaches give something back.
  • Coaches help ignite a player’s lifelong love of the game.
  • Coaches help players develop their skills.
Watch the videos below to hear from a range of coaches talking about their love of the game and passion for coaching players.
Are you looking to take part in cricket, as a coach, in a support role or to develop skills and knowledge? Find out how to start delivering cricket in a school, club or community setting.
Whether it is about putting something back into the game you love, progressing your career, helping out at your local club, or simply providing more support to your child, there is a reason for everyone to get involved in cricket coaching.
If you are thinking of joining the coaching family, click here to find out which programme is right for you.
To find out which course is right for you to take, please contact your local County Cricket Board.