ECB child-friendly privacy policy

Who we are

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB for short) looks after cricket in England and Wales and helps people get involved in cricket at all levels from playing for local cricket clubs all the way up to the professional players like Heather Knight and Eoin Morgan.

Our promise to you

You trust us with the information you give to us and we don’t want to let you down.  So read this policy carefully so you know what to expect.


If you are very young (under 13) you will need to get a grown-up (maybe your mum or dad) to help you use our website or to get what we have to offer (like getting cricket information, buying things or entering one of our competitions).

Information about you

We need some information about you so that we can do the things we promise to do for you.  The sort of information we will ask for are:

  • your name – usually your first name and last name
  • how we can contact you – such as your address or an email address (if you have one) and information about how we can get in touch with a grown-up (like your mum or dad) to make sure they are happy with what we will do with your information
  • how old you are – this will be important because some of the things we do and some of our competitions are only for young people so we need to check that you are the right age to take part
  • information that is important for the things you will be getting from us – such as the size of kit you will need if you are joining one of our events and we include clothes or bats or things you are allergic to if we include food or drink
  • whether you are a boy or girl, whether you have any special needs to be able to join in activities and where you and your family were born – this helps us to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to join in cricket activities
  • information you give to us – such as what you say about activities you have taken part in, things you have read on our website or in messages we send and anything else about cricket or what we do
  • what others say about you – such as how well you joined in activities and what you found easy or difficult.

Most of this information will come from you or a grown-up who helps you use what we offer.

Cookies and other technical stuff

We know kids are really good with gadgets so you probably know we don’t mean the type of cookies that you eat.  But, just in case, cookies are tiny little things that get stored on gadgets (like your computer, smartphone or iPad) and tell us what you like on our website.  These help us to make sure we tell you about things that you and other kids of your age group are interested in.  You can stop us putting cookies on your gadgets if you want to (you may need to get a grown-up to show you how).  Cookies have strange names and each one has its own job to do. Find out what our cookies are called.  

Each gadget you use to get on the Internet has its own special code called an ‘IP address’.  We will get to know the IP address for each gadget you use to look at our website and it helps us to learn how you use our website on your gadgets.

What we will do with your information

We will use personal information about you to:

  • welcome you to the ECB by creating an account especially for you
  • do what we promise by sending and doing the things we promise such as sending you newsletters you ask us for or telling you about competitions if you have told us you would like us to
  • get in touch if we can’t do the things we promise or if we need more information to be able to do them
  • make sure you and others are safe at cricket events and activities
  • understand what fans like so that we can create new things and improve what we offer
  • make sure everyone gets a fair chance to be involved in cricket whether you are a boy or girl and wherever you may come from
  • get to know you so we can make things personal for you

Why we are allowed to use your information

We are allowed to use your information:

  • to do what we promise we will do: if we promise that we will do something for you, then we will use your information to help us keep that promise (this is what grown-ups call a ‘contract’)
  • to get to know you and keep in touch with you: we will use your information to get to know you better and keep in touch with you, but only if a grown-up has agreed that we can do this (grown-ups call this ‘consenting’)
  • to help you if you are unwell or have special needs: we will make sure a grown-up who is responsible for you has understood what we will do if you come to one of our activities and are unwell or have special needs and they have said it is OK.  If there is a big problem because you are very sick and we need to act quickly to help you but we can’t get in touch with your mum or dad or someone else who normally looks after you – don’t worry, we will do our best to help you
  • to make sure everyone gets a fair chance: we want to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance in cricket and there are rules that mean we have to do the right thing so - it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl., what you look like, or where your family comes from – everyone should have the same chances.  We will make sure a grown-up has understood how we will use your information to give you fair chances to be involved and has said it is OK
  • to promote cricket and encourage people to get involved: we may use your information to get other people involved in cricket so they can find out how great cricket can be, but we will make sure that this doesn’t harm you in any way 

Who we may share your information with

There are a lot of people involved with making cricket great for everyone.  If you play cricket at a local club, you will know a bit about your club and may play in a league too. We also have County Cricket Boards (they help the clubs do things right). We sometimes give them information about cricket fans so that they can understand what you like and can do things to make cricket more fun and interesting for you.

We have chosen some really cool companies to help us give you what you ask for (like companies that organise our tickets or look after our website). These companies are good at what they do for us and they have to follow our rules when they see your information, so you don’t have to worry. 

Getting other stuff about cricket

Sometimes we would like to tell you about other cricket stuff, such as competitions and fun days out at cricket events, what is happening with cricket teams and big matches like the T20 and also about people and companies that help make cricket exciting by supporting us (these are our sponsors and partners). We will only do this if a grown-up (like your mum or dad) tells us that it is OK. When they tell us that we can send you information – we will let them choose how we send it to you and make sure they can change their minds any time they want.

How long we keep your information

We will normally keep your information for two years (we will tell you if we keep it longer or for less time when you give us your information for something particular). After the two years, if we don’t have any contact with you, we will just keep a note that we know you and why and anything that has happened that may be important (like if you fell and hurt yourself at an All Stars practice) and we will get rid of everything else.

Where your data will be kept

We usually keep your information in the United Kingdom or in the European Economic Area (if geography is not your thing and you want to know which countries are in the European Economic Area, they are listed below.

Republic of Cyprus
Czech Republic

If we need to hold your information anywhere else, we will tell you and we will protect it properly as the law tells us to.

If you give us any information for anything to do with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (which will be in England and Wales in 2019), we will tell the International Cricket Council, which is in Dubai.  In case you are wondering, the International Cricket Council looks after all world cricket. 

How we keep your information safe

We think it is really important to keep your information safe and keep it a secret from people that are just nosey or don’t care about keeping it private. We have lots of technology to make sure people can’t see your information, use it or give it to anyone else unless we have given them permission.

If you move house or something else about you changes

We would like you to tell us if you move house or something else about you changes so that we can make sure we send things to your new address and do things that are right for you once things have changed.

What you can make us do with your information

You trust us with your information and you have a quite a few legal rights over it. These include:

  • right to see your information. You or the grown-up that agreed that we could use your information can ask us to explain what information we have about youand what we do with it and can also get a copy of it. We can normally do this within 28 days.
  • right to stop us sending you information. You or the grown-up that agreed to us sending you information about our activities, competitions and other things we think you may like can stop us at any time just by telling us to.
  • right to stop consenting. If we have your OK to do something with your information, or a grown-up has told us it is OK, you or they can ask us to stop doing it by telling us that it is not OK any more.
  • right to correct things If you or a grown-up that looks after you thinks any of the information we hold about you isn’t correct, you can ask us to correct it.
  • right to limit what we do with your information. Sometimes you may be able to limit what we do with your personal information. 
  • right to delete your information. Sometimes you may be able to make us get rid of your personal information.
  • right to object. Sometimes, you maybe allowed to object to us doing things with your personal information.   
  • right to have things sent to someone else. If you give us personal information using a gadget, you may be able to make us pass that information on to another company.

Get in touch with us

If you want to ask us anything or are unhappy about what we are doing with your information you can get in touch with us to tell us.

By phone: 020 7432 1200 (if we speak on the phone, we will record the call so that if there is anything we or you think is not right, we can listen to the call again)
By email:
By post: Privacy Officer, ECB, Lord’s Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QZ

We will work very hard to make sure all the information we have about you is looked after but if you are very unhappy about what we do and we can’t fix things you can also tell the Information Commissioner (the person who tells off companies in the United Kingdom if they do the wrong thing with personal information).

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