Our Teams

Find out more about the enormous range of teams and departments within the ECB.

Coach Development

We develop coaches at levels, providing training and support from entry level through to elite cricket. Our team consists of highly skilled facilitators, with a broad range of sport and coaching experience.

Commercial Partnerships

We manage the relationships with all our sponsors, broadcasters and partners, alongside identifying new revenue streams, which in turn allows us to continue to provide funding to the cricket community.


We connect and engage with the wider cricket community through high-quality, impactful content across the ECB website, app and dedicated social media accounts. Digital is the shop window to our world and through our work, the team play a vital role in driving revenue, promoting ticket sales across the game and connecting with new and existing fans.

Disability Cricket

Our aim is to make cricket accessible to everyone, regardless of disability. We oversee the England Disability Cricket team, and all disability cricket teams within England & Wales, whilst raising awareness and encouraging all counties and clubs through support and advice to get involved. 


We oversee all events on behalf of the ECB, and get to travel around the country, delivering every televised match across the season. From accreditation, to security and media operations, our team consists of a broad range of event production and cricket operations talent.


We are responsible for all aspects of financial management for the ECB, and for delivering the financial commitments to the game. For the period 2020-2024, we will oversee £450m of direct funding to the network, and £255m of committed investment to futureproof the game.


Our role is to prevent corruption in the domestic game. We provide education, guidance and deterrents. We also act as a first point of contact for any players who are concerned or affected by corruption.


We play a pivotal role to provide a robust platform of services both to the ECB and the wider cricket community using innovative technologies. We are also responsible for the procurement, deployment and maintenance of all related IT infrastructure across the game.


We build brand awareness for all our competitions and lead major campaigns to engage a broad range of audiences in cricket, helping make cricket accessible to all and increasing our follower base.

Media and Communications

We provide a world class internal and external communications function. We play an integral role in shaping the strategic direction and future development and growth of the game, whilst nurturing relationships with the media.

Participation and Growth

Our role is to inspire a new generation of children and young people to say, “Cricket is a game for me”. Through existing initiatives and participation in schools, we make it possible for more young people to pick up a bat and ball for the first time.


Our people are the driving force behind everything we do, and we are passionate about engaging and inspiring everyone to be their best. From recruiting the best talent, through to supporting the foundations that will drive the success of our strategy, the People team plays a diverse and proactive role within the organisation.


As more children engage with the game, it is our responsibility to develop safeguarding practices, providing appropriate support and promoting safe spaces for children and young people.

Science and Medicine

We work with elite and county players to optimise their performance and wellbeing. We help to support the training of players, whilst limiting injuries and illnesses. We work across the game, providing emergency care, concussion safety, cardiac screening, physiotherapy, and mental health initiatives.

Strategy and Public Policy

We provide the strategic direction for the ECB and cricket. We map societal and sporting trends, and engage with people across the game to develop and implement key strategic projects.