Ambitions for a greener game

The ECB is committed to tackling climate change and promoting environmental sustainability. We have been taking action since 2010 to manage and reduce cricket’s environmental footprint and, more broadly, we recognise that all sports have a powerful platform, and a responsibility, to show leadership and inspire action from others.

We can see the impact of climate change has on our own sport, where extreme weather events are causing increased disruption, including in England and Wales where the number of rain-affected ODI matches has more than doubled since 2011. Working with cricket grounds and clubs across the country, our approach has focused on improving energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and adapting to more extreme weather.

The actions we have taken include:

Providing support and guidance to more than 1,000 recreational cricket clubs on how to manage the impact of drought and flooding, including direct financial grants worth over £3.4m to the 181 clubs most severely affected.

Auditing the resource efficiency of the 19 major cricket venues in England and Wales and supporting the development and implementation of individual action plans.

Creating a £5m ECB Maintenance Fund that cricket grounds can access to support projects that improve environmental sustainability, such as installation of LED lighting, supporting energy efficiency for heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting systems, improving building fabrics, and flood and drought mitigation.

Facilitating the sharing of best practice among cricket clubs and venues to learn from the experience of others in areas like eliminating single use plastic, reducing waste to landfill and purchase of renewable energy.

There is more information and advice about energy efficiency for recreational clubs here.

The ECB is also developing an updated sustainability strategy with new goals and actions. This will encompass both the ECB’s own activities and our continuing work with clubs and cricket grounds across the country to improve the sustainability of the sport as a whole and to inspire action from others.

Sustainability stories across cricket: