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Anti-doping - professional players

Anti-doping guidance for professional cricketers in England and Wales

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Anti-doping - professional players

Professional cricketers in England and Wales can be drug tested in- and out-of-competition

The ECB runs an intelligence led anti-doping programme across professional cricket in England and Wales, comprised of urine and blood samples taken both in-competition (after matches) and out-of-competition (at training).

Cricketers are solely responsible for what is found in their bodies under the principal of ‘strict liability’.

All professional players should be aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to anti-doping and recreational drugs and should familiarise themselves with the below areas:


All supplements come with risk and players should think carefully before using them. As such, the ECB encourages a ‘food first’ approach: meaning players should get all they need from good nutrition, hydration, recovery and rest. Should a player wish to use supplements, they must mitigate the associated risk by obtaining an in-date, active batch testing certificate for the product that they are using. This can be done via the Informed Sport website. Players should be clear that a batch testing certificate mitigates but does not remove the risk of supplement use and that no supplement can be considered entirely ‘safe’


Some common medications can contain prohibited substances. Under the principle of ‘strict liability’, players must check everything they put in their bodies before they do so. Medications can be checked for prohibited substances via the Global DRO website 

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Should a player have a genuine medical need to take a prohibited substance, they must ensure they have a TUE in place BEFORE they begin taking it. It is the player’s responsibility to obtain and complete a TUE application, and supply the necessary accompanying evidence. The following link explains TUEs further, and outlines the application process:

Recreational Drugs Policy

The ECB delivers a welfare based Recreational Drugs testing programme through the Recreational Drugs Policy (RDP). Whilst there are consequences for players who violate the RDP, the programme is designed to identify players with welfare challenges and provide them with bespoke support in collaboration with the PCA. Please ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities under this Policy by watching the following Recreational Drugs Tutorial:

Protect Your Sport

Protecting clean sport depends on everyone playing their part - athletes, coaches, or parents - whether on centre stage or behind the scenes. Speak out if you feel there’s something wrong - no matter how small. UKAD guarantee that your identity will always be kept 100% confidential.

There are different ways to speak out:

  • Email - When you feel something’s wrong, send an email. UKAD guarantee that your name and email address will be kept confidential. Email at
  • Online Form - Tell us what you know via our online form on You will remain anonymous as standard, but if you choose to share your details confidentially it could help us catch those in sport who seek to cheat
  • 24/7 Hotline - Call on 08000 32 23 32. We are here to listen. If you prefer to remain 100% anonymous you can. Or if you share your details, they will be kept confidential, and may help keep sport clean

Find out the more about speaking out and Protect Your Sport here.

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