Dynamos Schools

Dynamos Schools Lancs

What is Dynamos Schools?

Building on the success of Kwik Cricket, Dynamos Schools has been designed to deliver an exciting new brand of competition connecting to the elite via The Hundred.
Dynamos Schools introduces children to the countdown cricket format and provides a consistent experience across schools and clubs.
For those wishing to continue participating in Dynamos beyond school, more information can be found here. 
Dynamos Schools SEND

How to get involved

Dynamos schools’ is open to primary and middle schools throughout England and Wales.
The formats and resources are designed to provide a fully inclusive experience with skills festivals, participation events and competitive match play from ages 8+ and Open, Girls and SEND provision throughout.
Dynamos Schools forms part of Cricket in the School Games with more information available here.
County Cricket Boards work with School Games Organisers to align their county competitions and finals with activity delivered at a local level through the SGO network
County boards can be on hand to provide support and guidance to SGO’s in developing their competition offer to meet the needs of schools and young people, insuring those involved have a fantastic competition experience.
Young leader training can also be provided through county board staff (subject to availability) or the training aid below can be used to help those new to cricket.


How to play

The formats and resources make it easy to adapt depending on the needs and size of your group.
Further details regarding the formats can be found here.
Details of the rules and equipment you’ll need can be found here.
Games can be easily scored using the Countdown Cricket app (Android or  IOS) or Scoresheet
Participation and School Games Values certificates can be downloaded in English (here) and Welsh (here)

Buy equipment

For any schools wishing to purchase equipment, please reach out to your local County Cricket Board for more information.

How to officiate

We have created a training aid to help those new to cricket (or those unfamiliar with the new format) to develop a better understanding of their role officiating a game. 
The video below highlights the key events that could happen during a game of Countdown Cricket and the tutor notes have been designed to help facilitate discussion with those taking part.
The training resources can be found here.