The Cricket Collective

Representing the thousands of volunteers who work in cricket

Welcome to The Cricket Collective, the army of volunteers that make cricket happen. It is the person who dedicates their life for 20 years, and the person who contributes 30 minutes every two weeks. It is the long drives to away games, making the tea, or cutting the grass. It’s anyone who dedicates time to ensure that recreational cricket goes ahead and helps to connect and inspire their local community and it has never been more important.  
Without the thousands of volunteers across England and Wales, cricket simply wouldn’t exist.

Advice for clubs:

How to find volunteers:
  • Looking to recruit new activators for your All Stars and Dynamos Cricket programmes? Check out our interactive guide here.

  • We also have a poster that you can use to help dispel myths around who can be an activator and inspire new people to get involved.

  • If you are a club looking to recruit volunteers it is always good practice to include a role description when advertising any opportunity. View examples of cricket volunteering role profiles and adapt them to your club’s needs. 

  • Use events such as The Get Set Weekend to inspire and recruit new players, members and family to get involved. Check out our Get Set Weekend booklet for more advice.
How to support volunteers:
  • A good way of monitoring whether you have enough volunteers, which roles need filling, and who may be taking on too much work is using a Volunteer Matrix. On Resource Hub you can find an example matrix and a blank template for you to adapt to your own club set-up.

  • Giving volunteers that extra bit of advice to support them in their role can improve their impact on your club and their enjoyment in the role. For top tips on how to support activators in All Stars and Dynamos Cricket, check out this guidance on delivering National Programmes.

  • Breaking down the tasks that need doing at your club helps ensure every volunteer’s time is used effectively and meaningfully. Use a Task List template to identify the key jobs that need doing and assign who is responsible.

  • Check out Sport England Buddle website for additional resources and training opportunities

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