BLOG: "The feeling I get when something goes right, is what I love about cricket."

Earlier this summer, Sophie was recognised for her personal development and contribution to Super 1s when she was presented with an Inspire Award by England all-rounder Chris Woakes and comic Adam Hills. We asked Sophie about her journey, and how cricket has helped her, and why she loves the sport so much.

I started disability cricket when I was 11 in my first year in secondary school. We had an induction to cricket in a PE lesson, after this lesson I was given a flyer for a taster cricket session at the weekend, supported by Hampshire cricket.

I was a bit nervous, and I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I went to the session anyway. When I arrived, there were other students from my class and school. They made me feel welcome and at ease. I had so much fun, and that’s how it all started.

My confidence has always held me back, but has improved with time through playing cricket. Cricket has helped me be more open to chat to people.

I can sometimes get too passionate about the game and this can lead to me being frustrated with myself, I start to overthink what I did wrong, or how I can play better. This actually this affects the way I am playing. I always want to do the best for my team. I have been working on this with my friends and family through chatting about what is happening and discussing what we can do.

Sophie with Chris Woakes at the Super 1s awards

The feeling I get when something goes right, is what I love about cricket.  For example, when my bowling goes well, I make a good catch or when I bat well. I also really love the support that we give each other when we are practising or playing a match. The friendships I have made and the fun we have. Through cricket, I have also had the opportunity to meet people other parts of the country and different communities.

But my favourite thing is that we now have a girls disability team, The Adders, and I really enjoy our monthly sessions.

Sophie receiving her award alongsde Chris Woakes

When receiving her rewards she said: "There are no words to describe it, I’m on top of the world right now. This award is not only for me but it’s for all my people back home and all my team and I’m going to go, "this may have my name on it, but this is for you, this is about us."

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